Digitizing Public Services: Can We Do It All Online Today?

Digitization dominates the world today to the point that it is almost impossible to live without the internet. With the use of the latter, everything is done at the speed of light. Many administrative procedures are now done remotely. But, can we do everything on the internet?

The implementation of e-administration

More than 65% of French people see the progress made by the French administration in the use of the Internet. An evolution that is starting to gain momentum, especially since the announcement of the French president in the launch of e-administration. Indeed, the 23 measures of President Macron have only one objective: to digitize 100% of the administrative procedures by 2022.

A change on a European and global scale

The digitization of the service no longer concerns national affairs, it is clear that the French are confident for this change. It allows for the establishment of European cooperation which will take over the control of various national digital platforms. There are also other digital administrative measures on a global scale such as the development of a single database and the rapid transmission of data.

More efficient tools

The Internet allows the administration to focus on many areas such as online training, home automation, crisis information or virtual reality. For example, the launch of the Employment Store makes it easy to unblock the long queues for job seekers. They can easily connect to the various sites of the institution.

Digitization at the service of public health

Digitization has brought about a great change in public health, particularly in terms of consultations, the purchase of medicines, surgical operations, the development of medical research and various advice. Everything is done and everything is obtained directly online in a few seconds. This then allows savings for the general public.

Digitization, for better socialization

With the advent of dating sites, social networks, the world seems to be so small. Indeed, communication extends to the four corners of the world while promoting better socialization. The Internet also makes it possible to know the cultural history of a society without having to travel. The discovery of a new horizon from a distance has been made possible thanks to digitalization.

Digitization and sales administration

Paying for a product, making purchases, booking a transport ticket, selling online, finding a hotel… all this has been made possible thanks to digitalization. One of the positive points of the Internet is the growth observed in administration.

On an official website of the town hall, for example, you can easily obtain an administrative act such as a birth certificate on the website of your town hall, formerly it was necessary to through an intermediary who making in your place the request for an extract of birth certificate if you didn’t have time.

E-administration, for a better future

With digitalization, the future of administration is becoming more and more promising. The impact of public services on the internet saves time for applicants. The benefits are also very significant for employees from different sectors. Thanks to the automatism of the economic and financial sector, civil servants can focus on other more essential services.

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