Dimitri Casali: A writer of our time

For a talent, that of Dimitri Casali is one of the most attractive. He succeeds in getting people to talk about him among his fellow human beings: writers, historians. He also attracts the attention of ordinary readers through his words, his stories, and especially his talent. Moreover, his work shows a lot of future and we risk waiting to talk about him again in many years since he is already analyzing the harmful scientific invention on human intelligence.

Dimitri Casali’s story

His real name, Philippe Casili, is of French nationality who was studying history before becoming a writer. He is also professional in history geography. We know him above all for his way of writing and sharing the history of France with his students. A little daring, he made an analysis almost contrary to other researchers but he knew how to defend his theories to finally convince his readers the foundation of his logic.

Bold in his writing, he has his own ways of illustrating facts through writing. He is criticized for being a little too controversial in his manner of tell the story of France and even to describe ignorance by illustrating it with examples. It is also this subject that he has made a name for on the web and in the world of literature and researchers.

Biography and orientation of Dimitri Casali

Impossible to speak of the works of Dimitri Casali without addressing the title “the long rise of ignorance”. In this work he explains how each scientific discovery leads us to ignorance and to appear intellectual. In this analysis, he uses the statistics of the numbers of illiterates and the number of people with difficulty in reading and writing well to justify his hypothesis. According to him, the more positive and accurate scientific research, the more it leads us to a kind of intellectual laziness that regresses intelligence, and this is international because scientific research is universally applicable. He uses several figures like that of the UN which illustrates 25% of illiterates in Arabic within a certain time.

The criteria on his works

Must we say that it is a more realistic writer and more direct compared to his peers, he has a way of saying it as it is without using illustrations or the like. Because he is criticized for a more vulgar type of writing because of that and his way of analyzing things. However, her book is of interest to a student, journalist etc…. and online, we devote many web pages, special editions to analyze it criticize it.

Particularity of the writer

Other than his artistic talents, this way of analyzing social realities, and in particular his way of communication through his works, Dimitri Casali boldly defends human wisdom. We still hope a lot from him and await the continuation of this book and others that will wake us up from our slumber. It is the ideal writer who will assume this role. By his charisma, his know-how and his talent in the art of writing, we hope so much from him because he has already done enormous.

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