Disney Pixar Cars Racing Cars In Radiator Springs

Spin like the wind with Lightning Mcqueen on the new fully motorized 8-shaped Radiator Springs circuit. Discover the emblematic places of the Disneycars saga. Rediscover Sally’s Cozy Cone, change your tires in Luigi’s shop and have coffee with Flo. Enjoy an exceptional new two-level booster that will propel your car at blazing speed.

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With a fully plastic and easily assembled circuit, don’t forget to decorate your circuit with the sticker sheet before assembling it. The vehicles will pass through Sally’s Cozy Cone Motel to be propelled at full speed, will take the various turns that lead to the indoor track or the outdoor track by pulling triggers.

Get free with this new Radiator Springs circuit, the iconic car Lightning McQueen which returns in its classic plastic version at the 1/55 scale. Be ready for many challenges and compete against your friends in thrilling races on this great track. The Cars Radiator Springs circuit works with 4 D type batteries like LR20 alkaline batteries. For the best experience, use Duraccell batteries.

Although this track is not connectable to other disneycars tracks, it offers a rewarding experience. This track can be used for all types of coach vehicles varying from the scale 1/43 to 1/55. It’s the perfect gift for the fast approaching Christmas season for fans of this iconic Disney series.

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