Do I Have the Right to Put a Garden Swing in My Condominium?

Are you planning to install a garden swing in your condominium?

Before embarking on the choice of the ideal model, make sure that the installation of this garden furniture is part of the arrangements allowed by your co-ownership regulations. In addition, depending on whether the location chosen to install your swing is in the common or private parts of your building, prior authorization from the condominium association may or may not be required.

Can I put a swing in my condominium?

Everything will depend on what your co-ownership regulations provide for this type of equipment and its installation. If he does not strictly forbid it, you can install your swing. Note, however, that depending on the status under which the garden or condominium space chosen is classified, prior authorization from the property manager may be absolutely required before installing your swing.

Here is an overview of the possible cases you may be faced with:

  • The garden, the balcony or the terrace, integrate your private parts into the building: in this case, you can install your swing without any form of prior authorization. The only legal requirement, not to disturb or harm the neighborhood
  • The garden or the location chosen integrates the common parts of the building: all work and installations undertaken, including that of your swing, will only be possible with the prior authorization of the property manager.
  • The garden or the location chosen is a common part for “exclusive use”: in this case, the property manager retains the right to monitor the use of the space in question or of the garden. The co-owner (s) to whom the enjoyment is due can install their equipment while respecting the rules or restrictions set by the trustee.

Who to ask for authorization?

You must send your request for authorization to the condominium association before installing your swing. This will be submitted to a vote by the general meeting of co-owners. In accordance with the voting rules at the general meeting of co-ownership, authorization can only be granted to you on condition of being approved by the absolute majority of the co-owners present or represented.

Once the authorization has been successfully obtained, all you have to do is decide on the type of garden swing suitable for your needs and have it installed.

What type of garden swing to choose?

For the installation of your seat you have the choice between two main types of garden swings: garden swings on feet and hanging garden swings. Whatever type of swing has caught your attention, be sure to choose a model that does not interfere with your co-ownership.

As their name indicates, free-standing swings are models with rigid and sturdy feet or base allowing them to be stabilized on the ground. The main advantage of this type of swing is the stability of the seat it can provide.

As for hanging swings, they have a suspended seat, either on a beam or on a perfectly solid ceiling. Regardless of the type, swings are also available in a variety of materials that you will have to choose considering the weather / inclement factor in your area. You will also need to consider the design and the level of seating comfort.

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