Do i have the right to put a hanging swing on my balcony?

Does the balcony of your new apartment seem suitable for receiving a pretty swing? This decorative element would certainly make your balcony a little more cozy and zen!

Before you decide to install your swing, keep in mind that there are special arrangements to be made. For example, you should check if your ceiling is able to accommodate it or better yet, if you have the necessary permissions to install it.

We have answered some questions that you are probably asking yourself concerning the installation of your swing.

Can I put a hanging chair on my balcony?

Depending on whether you are in a condominium or a private house, the conditions to be met to install your hanging chair vary. Indeed, if you are in a private house, you have the right to make the installations which sit you without particular authorization.

But if you are in a building, there are condominium regulations that set out what installations you are allowed to do as well as the conditions to be met in order to do so. However, you have the possibility of making installations in all the private parts of your apartment without compromising the integrity of your neighbors.

Do I have to ask the trustee for authorization?

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The balconies, terraces and gardens are the so-called “private enjoyment” parts. This small nuance no longer considers these spaces as private and thus gives the trustee a certain right of scrutiny over this space in order to give you rules of use and restrictions.

All work carried out in the common parts of the building must be approved by the condominium manager. Thus, if you wish to make a particular installation (such as an armchair suspended from the ceiling of your balcony), you must obtain an authorization from the trustee without which legal proceedings can be launched against you.

How to install a hanging chair on a balcony?

Once you have all the necessary permissions to do your job, it’s time to think about technical restrictions. In fact, before starting the installation, you must make sure that your ceiling is able to accommodate it. In general, concrete, stone or brick ceilings are likely to receive swings. Unfortunately, plasterboard ceilings will not be able to hold up.

Once you have the right hanging chair, arm yourself with a drill, dowel, and hook to neatly set up your chair. You just need to make a hole in your ceiling to insert the suspension kit (dowel, hook). After that, all you have to do is pass the rope or chain (depending on the style you are looking for) linking the suspension kit to your chair.

For a better solidity, you can insert in the hole to create by your drill a chemical dowel made of a resin which will solidify. If you are not careful to properly install your hanging chair, your moment of relaxation and zenitude may end in a nice tumble.

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