Do I have to Go to Thailand to Meet a Ladyboy?

When you think of the possibility of meeting a ladyboy, you automatically think of Thailand. It must be said that for several reasons this country is the ideal place for this kind of meeting. However, you don’t have to travel all the way to Thailand to meet ladyboys.

Are the Ladyboys simply in Thailand?

Ladie with a orange pull

Ladyboys are people who are generally very well accepted in Thai society. The latter is one of the most open-minded on issues relating to homosexuality and transsexuality.

Unlike its neighbors, Thailand remains one of the few countries that has not experienced European colonization. As a result, religious laws against homosexuality are not in force in the country as Buddhism remains a very tolerant religion vis-à-vis these two social phenomena.

Ladyboys in Thailand can hold important positions and work in professions that are basically reserved for men. This even though it is not uncommon for some of them to be rejected by their families. The Thai city where it is possible to meet the most ladyboys remains Pattaya. The latter is also one of the most touristic cities in the country.

But be careful, do not believe that Thailand is the only country where it is possible to find ladyboys. Even if the name remains unique to this country, ladyboys exist everywhere. For example, you can take advantage of dating sites to meet a ladyboy in New-York whenever you want.

What is the difference between ladyboy and transgender?

A person is considered to be transgender when they have a gender that is inconsistent with the one society would like them to wear. To understand this nuance, you have to understand that in most societies gender is defined by the sex you wear.

A person who has a bad reproductive organ is considered to be quite simply a man. However, in the case of transgender people, the situation is different. Although they have a male or female reproductive organ, some do not feel capable of playing the role that society would like to give them.

The term transgender is very broad and encompasses all kinds of subgroups. These range from transsexuals to transvestites to drag queens. A ladyboy also belongs to one of the transgender subgroups. He can be considered to be a transsexual.

Only, this name is reserved for young Thai men who develop feminine traits and characters. Some resort to hormones or surgery in order to completely transform into women. They also bear the denomination of katoï.

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