Does a Mains Connected Computer Damage Faster?

Is it dangerous to leave your laptop plugged into the mains all the time? Is there a risk of overheating? Is it good for the computer battery? These are the questions that most people ask themselves.

Generally speaking, modern computers have sensors and control logic that automatically disconnect the battery when it is 100% charged. However, leaving the battery at 100% charge all the time will slightly reduce battery life over time.

No risk of overheating, as the battery is disconnected automatically

First of all, note that using your computer always connected to the mains is not at all dangerous, at least, nowadays. Indeed, all modern laptops are equipped with intelligent sensors and circuits that automatically disconnect the battery when it is 95 – 100% charged. Thus, there is no risk of overcharging and therefore overheating of the battery.

A battery always charged at 95 – 100%

However, a permanently 100% charged battery sees its capacity and performance decrease over time. Indeed, according to experts from major computer manufacturers like Lenovo and HP, batteries degrade faster when kept at full charge all the time.

The reason: “100% charge is the heaviest condition your battery can be in” and this high charge can create “additional stress on the battery which can accelerate its degradation over time”.

So what is the ideal solution?

Laptop with half-closed screen

According to experts, batteries are most stressed and vulnerable when their charge is close to 0% or 100%. Batteries are most stable and safest at 50% charge and should ideally be charged to a maximum of 80%, in order to have the longest life possible, the same is the case for your cell phone battery.

Basically, in order to maintain your battery’s performance and allow it to have the longest possible life, you should keep it at between 50-80% charge at all times. To achieve this, you don’t have to unplug your computer all the time. Most computers have load limiting options, which you just need to set to 80%.

However, according to an expert at Lenovo, batteries have gotten so good these days that even if you leave them at 100% charge all the time, they will outlast your computer itself. So no need to worry too much about keeping your computer plugged in all the time.

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