Does Fun Factory offer the best vibrators on the market?

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Fun Factory is a manufacturer of sex toys that is developing better and better. Founded in 1996, the company reached around € 13 million in turnover ten years later (in 2006) and is now approaching € 20 million per year.

Marketing sex toys on its own website, on online sex shops or in stores, Fun Factory has imposed a quality image and many women swear by them for their vibrators. Why are there so many reviews on Fun Factory?

Quality sex toys and well-chosen materials

The Fun Factory Tiger vibrator model perfectly illustrates the quality of the brand. Solid, it can last for years and the materials are very pleasant to the touch. Exit the sticky plastic of low-end sex toys since with Fun Factory, you always have particularly soft medical silicone.

A wealth of features designed for women

It’s crazy to see that in 2019, many sextoys are still incompatible with female needs. They are created by men who project themselves into the desires of women and obviously the reality is often far removed.

With Fun Factory, all the features are there for female pleasure. Thus, the shape of the objects is effective in stimulating the clitoris or the G-spot. The handles for holding the sextoy correspond to the small dimensions of female hands and there is even always a very practical ring to hold the toy firmly. The vibrations do not fight who will be the strongest, but there are more studies to vary the tempo in order to offer a panel of vibrations that allow you to find one with your current mood.

Before choosing your vibrator, take a good look at the product sheet because there are often differences between each toy. For example, some are waterproof, while others cannot withstand water.

In terms of features, remember to tell your partner if you use it during foreplay.

Fun Factory always at the forefront of novelty

Whether in the design of these models or in the technical characteristics, Fun Factory knows how to innovate. A quick tour of the brand’s website will help you realize this.

Thus, a small vibrator like the Laya perfectly meets the needs of discreet toys that are easy to take on a trip. As for the Miss Bi, with its rabbit shape, it is ideal for women who want double stimulation.

Know how to open up to other brands!

Fun Factory is a great reference in the feminine universe, but it would be a shame if you stayed focused only on this company. Indeed, each manufacturer has specialties.

So, if you want to try a clitoral stimulator rather than a vibrator, we can only advise you to try Womanizer’s toys. The waves sent by their models are simply enjoyable!

A brand like Lelo, less known to the general public, also has a good position in all sex shops. If the prices regularly exceed three figures, they remain consistent given the quality of their vibrators.

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