DOLPHIN T35 – Maytronics electric swimming pool robot – review & test

Do you need a powerful, versatile, durable and easy to use electric robot for a complete and perfect cleaning of your pool? The DOLPHIN T35 electric pool cleaner from Maytronics is the innovative model that meets all your expectations and guarantees you impeccable results. Below, everything you need to know about this equipment.

Video Opinion and Test of the T35 Dolphin Pool Robot

Where to buy your future pool robot who will wash it for you

More information on the Dolphin Pool Robot

Never before has the maintenance of your swimming pool been so easy and practical with the Dolphin T35. Equipped with the latest technological innovations in robotics maintenance, this pool robot performs a complete and automatic cleaning of your pool: from brushing the bottom to cleaning the walls to filtering and draining the water.

Thanks to its intelligent scan, its integrated filtration system and its Powerstream navigation system, no surface of your pool escapes the Dolphin T35 Pool Robot.

Ideal for flat-bottomed pools with gentle slopes and obstacles, Dolphin T35 adheres to all pool coverings. Lightweight, easy to transport, easy to use and with optimized power consumption, the T35 is finally an easy to maintain and particularly durable robot.

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