Domo DO-323W – Sterilizer for stainless steel jars / preserves – review & test

The current trend is to reduce the user of plastic and therefore of containers, jars are the ideal ally. Before using them it is important to sterilize the jars. There are sterilizers like the Domo DO-323W for this.

Presentation Video with Review and Test of the Domo DO-323W Sterilizer

Where to buy your Domo DO-323W sterilizer

More information on this sterilizer

It has a 27-liter tank, you can put between 14 and 18 jars depending on their size.Once the desired temperature has been reached, you will hear a signal, to collect or dispose of the jars. To drain the appliance it is very simple, you just need to use the tap provided for this purpose.

The timer goes up to 120 minutes and the thermostat adjusts up to 90 ° C. It is a real advantage to have this type of material, when you decide to change the way you consume. You can eat quality products, homemade and keep them for a long time without problem.

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