Don’t stray from Harlan Coben’s book

Do you have the soul of an investigator? Do you like suspense and twists? This novel is for you. Disappearances that resurface. Past loves disturb a well-framed present. Don’t Walk Away, is a disturbing yet intriguing novel.

A troubled past resurfaces, the investigation is reopened.

In Atlantic City, one evening in February, after an evening at the Cream, a strip club, Stewart Green, a very good customer, but also the father of a family disappears without a trace behind him, only he is not the only one to disappear that evening. Cassie, a stripper from the club goes missing, too.

Ten years later Cassie reappears under the name of Megan, now she is no longer a stripper, she leads a very quiet life and without a hitch. She married a wealthy lawyer and had two children.

Despite his past put in the closet, he will soon reappear, and begins to regret his life before. She’ll end up going there and go and regret it.

For his part, Ray Levine, her ex-boyfriend, languishes in a life of second-class paparazzi, haunted and shattered by the memory of that terrible evening, seventeen years earlier. Her loved one disappears.

Seventeen years after Stewart Green’s disappearance, Inspector Broom wants to unravel the mystery. Many elements resurface and the inspector wants to relaunch the investigation. It does not take long to discover the disappearance of other men at a common Mardi Gras time lapse. What other link is there between the missing? And why is the “Mardi Gras Killer” doing this?

For Megan, it’s impossible to put the past aside, you have to unravel the truth and find the killer. We will have to face heavy secrets… And confess his past life to her husband.

Is Broom going to find the killer? Is Megan going to lose everything she managed to build? And will Ray succeed in rebuilding his life without his loved one?

What do I think about it?

The-must-see-of-Europe-1-Harlan-CobenFor the first chapters of “Do not move away” you have to be quiet, preferably quiet. It is
important to make the link between the characters and for that you have to be immersed in the book. The first chapters complicated by the characters, but quickly we find the links are made and it is gone Harlan Coben takes us in the investigation with the characters.

The author manages to bamboozle us, he takes us on tracks, we think we have found the culprit, we must let ourselves be lulled by the chapters to see more clearly and it is only in the end that we can make a idea about the real culprit.

A well shot story with twists and turns, hooking characters such as that of Megan who will experience difficult times and will share her past with us. Megan “Cassie” shows us that to practice a profession as it was hers before is not easy, they are objects which are not made respect. But who kind of have guardian angels to protect them.

Are you going to find the real culprit before the story unfolds?

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