Download Zone and its addresses, the clone wars, What you need to know about the download site

Founded in 2012, the Zone-Telechargement site quickly became the leader in illegal downloads in the French internet landscape. An extraordinary success which was not necessarily to the liking of the authorities with the entry into force of the Hadopi law, subsequently closing the site in November 2016. From the ashes of the Zone-Downloads fire, a descendant thus appeared and many clones, ready to go to war to reclaim the vacant throne.

How Zone-Downloads works

First, let us recall the operating principle of Zone-Download. The site therefore makes it possible to download for free many content offered by the very active community that browses it. There are music, video games, ebooks, but the two main star categories are of course movies and series (mostly American). For the latter, there are even many formats (mkv, dvdrip, 720p, 1080p, etc…) to satisfy all users.

But where the operation of a site like Zone-Download differs from the old glories of the genre, it is that it offers direct downloading, without hosting on its platform, via links to external hosts: Uptobox , 1file, Turbobit. Hosts comparable to the late MegaUpload. The model is therefore easy to access and understandable by everyone.

So we are not dealing with p2p (peer-to-peer) as Emule did at the time or more recently torrent sites. It is not streaming itself either, although the site also offers links to refer to this kind of site in addition to those for direct download.

The rebirth of Zone-Download

It is a fact, the real Zone-Telechargement site has been dead and buried since November 2016, with the action of the gendarmerie which went to close it. Everyone who has been around since that tragic moment is simply clones. Only one of these clones emerged as the successor to the original site.

Born shortly after the death of its ancestor, thus appeared on the French internet landscape. It was at the time a version that suffered from some major problems, such as having no functional link. It was therefore unusable. But the miracle appeared with which is the platform that all users of the original site were waiting for to return to colonize it with glee.

The clone wars against Zone-Download

With the insolent success that Zone-Download has had over time, the site has been the object of the envy of many competitors who will do anything to dethrone the king, without necessarily being as benevolent as the latter. Because if Download Zone is an illegal download site (we remind you that it is against the law), you do not risk much to venture out and download it. Unlike clones which can represent a certain danger for users with more dishonest intentions than simply offering free downloads.

But how did these clones come to be? After a hack into Zone-Download which saw its database duplicated. It is from this moment that the clones were born, with initially which had even managed to appear first in Google queries when we typed Zone-Downloads in the famous search engine.

It is on this point that the clone war is heading to become the new undisputed leader of search engines and thus trap a greater number of gullible users. Users have therefore seen numerous extensions appear for the Zone-Downloads domain, with as mentioned above, but also and many others. They are therefore not extensions of the real site.

Zone-Download’s fight against the clones

By becoming the true heir of Zone-Télécharger, the currently leading download platform went to war with the many other clones to keep its crown. A war involving visibility in search engines, as mentioned above.

Zone-Download was therefore forced to set up many subdomains to keep it visible, while also escaping the authorities who are always on the spot to shut down the site. After, we have thus seen subdomains pass into, then into

Probably tired of fighting clones, the team at the illegal download platform has since made the decision to stop the fees and literally change the domain name. So no longer call it Download-Zone, but now Download-Directory, accessible via the domain name The king is dead, long live the king… but for how long? There is no indication that the clones will not follow this new change as well.

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