Download Zone to Watch Movies and Series, isn’t it risky?

Appeared in the 1920s, the concept of streaming did not begin its real commercial development until the years 1995, with real democratization around 2000. Since that time, its popularity has been maintained by the advent of thousands of platforms, some of which are considered essential. One of them, Download zone will be the subject of this article through which we will try to explore this universe in its operation, but especially the risks involved in its use.

Download Zone, one of the best for streaming

This platform is one of the best when it comes to streaming. This is for several reasons. First, it offers free content and extremely varied to its members. Then, they have a forum where they can freely discuss their passions. In addition, the content offered is very qualitative and available in several formats. Finally, a notification system is available on the platform.

What is the story of Zone-Download?

Download zone is, without a doubt, a site with an eventful history! Indeed, before being known under the domain name “Zone-Downloads”, this site was for 5 years a platform rented by a British company operating in the sector of legal downloads of free software. It was not until 2010 that the domain name was registered and the site reoriented itself towards offering videos, films and series to be viewed in streaming. Hence he entered the arena thousands of illegal sites offering such content.

In barely 5 years of existence, this site recorded around 3.5 million visitors, which propelled it to the top of the hit list for illegal streaming sites. The difficulties started in 2016 with a first technical failure DL-Protect web service which had the effect of paralyzing its operation for hours.

Later, in the same year, it was an operation to seize the security forces which brought about the paralysis of the site, then its closure. The shift into illegality occurred, at this time with the opening and then the successive closing of many clones with similar domain names. This is not all this platform is seen blocked several times by Google on chrome.

Download Zone, find out more about how it works

Its main strength is the way Zone-Download works. Indeed, in terms of content, this platform offers a significant amount of films and series of all genres and eras, as is the case for other streaming sites such as VoirFilm, Dpstream, StreamiZ or Papystreaming, but also StreamComplet and Extreme-download.

So lovers of thriller, horror, comedy or action will not fail to find their account there. Better, contrary to what is observed on many platforms, Zone-Download offers a wide choice of language to its users so that few visitors would feel excluded.

This platform is also one of the few to offer quality content with streaming movies and series of up to 4k. In addition, it gives the Internet user the possibility of choosing between streaming and download modes with several hosts, like Uptobox, for each mode.

In addition, by looking more closely, each series or film offered on this platform, we can easily see that Zone-Download stands out from many competitors in terms of description and this ranks among the best streaming sites for films, but also for series, it is even possible to find manga. Thus apart from the traditional elements of intelligence (title, synopsis, duration, name of producer, year of release and others), the platform also provides information on all the versions available for each video. Isn’t that fantastic?

Let’s talk about the Zone-Download interface

In this area too, the platform is clearly distinguished from the majority of illegal sites through a home page with a clean aesthetic with harmoniously coordinated colors. The menu is displayed vertically with tabs directly referring to the category of content sought (films, games, series, shows).

What are the conditions of use for the Download area?

Like the thousands of sites offering streaming content, Zone-Download provides films, series, videos and other content completely free of charge. However, the platform’s promoters condition access to the prior registration of Internet users. They therefore have an obligation to become full members. Once this lock is lifted, access to data becomes unlimited.

Where can I find the Zone-Downloads site?

Before answering this question, it is important to specify that this article is in no way intended to encourage pirating of works protected. However, it aims to protect internet users from unreliable sites with unscrupulous promoters.

As far as our subject is concerned, at the start of the year the promoters of the site have, through an announcement, published the new address of the site. This address, entered into force as of January 15, 2020 and will remain so until the next change.

Why is streaming illegal?

In principle, streaming is in itself a legal concept since it is a technology that allows view a continuous data stream (video / audio) on a connected device. So there is nothing inherently wrong with watching streamings on Zone-télécharger. However, it is compulsory to obtain the author’s permission and to respect his rights. By respecting this imposition, the site is legal in the image of YouTube, Netflix, Amazon and other streaming giants.

Others, on the other hand, violate this legal requirement by broadcasting protected content without authorization, thus making streaming illegal.

What are the risks of illegal streaming?

This choice is not without consequences with regard to French legislation which provides for penalties of up to 3 years imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 euros in the event of illegal dissemination.

Consumers are not spared, however, since viewing through illegal streaming is considered to be concealment. However, French law remains unclear on the penalties incurred.

The other serious consequence is the loss of earnings of the directors and actors of these films, series and music.

What solutions to enjoy streaming legally?

Considering the great risk involved in watching illegal streaming content, it is better to turn to legality. Here are some tips to avoid falling under the law

To remain vigilant

It is true that some illegal platforms resemble, to be mistaken, legal platforms. But in general, it is easy to identify them. To do this, pay attention to things like:

  • Address
  • The graphic chart
  • The amount of advertising
  • Ergonomics
  • The astronomical quantity of films offered

Turn to legal platforms

With them, you will have access to two types of streamings: either a subscription will be required to access a wide range of videos and channels (which Netflix and Amazon), or you can view it for free, however with advertising interruptions. This is the case of MyTF1, Pluzz, 6Play.

To help you in your quest, you can use the engine JustWatch which brings together more than 15 legal streaming platforms. With Deezer and Spotify, you will be entitled to audio content, for a subscription.

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