Download Zone to Watch Movies and Series Streaming, a Good Idea?

After a few mishaps, the download zone site is again available, following its closure in November 2018. But it is not easy to navigate because it has changed its address many times.

What is the Download Zone address?

After having had their site cloned, they chose to change their name by giving directory-download, but realizing that it was not working as much as the initial name. The name is new download zone and the current address is, this is where you can enjoy the real site.

How does Zone-Download work?

Download Zone looks like a site from the early 2000s, and yet that’s what makes it so charming and popular. On the left column, you have the different categories of movies, series, manga, anime and even TV shows and books.

Once the content is chosen, you must choose one of the available links, either to watch it in streaming or to download it. You can leave a comment if you have a request or if you want to notify that a link is inactive.

You can choose between different links, there is the detail of the quality and the language of this link. You will have the choice between VO / VOST and obviously VF. On the content page you can even read the synopses before you start reading the content.

Download Zone watch out for clones and fake sites

Zone-télécharger has been talked about for a few months now, because he has completely been cloned. From the name to the visual of the site. There are many clones for this reference site, there is,, The first two are true copies of the original site, and the last simply takes advantage of the name’s reputation.

Zone-Downloads closed? A closure of the planned streaming site?

The download zone site is not closed, it has encountered small problems with the different clones. The streaming site even changed its name, but that wasn’t the best idea, so they reverted to their original name while changing their address.

Zone-Download on Android? How to do ?

To be able to watch a streaming from your Android, you must go directly to the zone-telechargement site from one of the browsers available on your phone. To protect yourself, whether it is your connection, but also your personal data, you can install a VPN.

Download Zone on Iphone? How to do ?

Same as on Android, you have to go directly through the site itself. Despite a rather old visual, the site is responsive, you will be able to take full advantage of all the content without being visually disturbed.

The story of Zone-télécharger

The zone-télécharger streaming site was launched in 2010, the success was not long in coming as papystreaming, it quickly established itself as the first illegal downloading site, which foresaw some problems with Justice.

For 8 years, it has been a reference for warez in France with thousands of videos, books and video games, available for free download. After a long investigation with the French justice, they managed to find the authors of this site, which did not prevent the many clones and new versions of the site.

What is streaming and what is illegal?

Streaming is the process of uploading content from an external server to an online site for self-service. This is how you can enjoy thousands of new content, directly from your computer.

You should know that using a streaming site to watch movies and series is not illegal. On the other hand, the creators of the streaming site, made it an illegal action by uploading content without the copyrights of the rights holders.

This is why going to a site like streamiZ, streamcomplet, papystreaming or even papstream, is not necessarily the best idea, even if it is the easy solution. It is possible to go through the legal route by watching these streams on sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and OCS. These sites are legal because they pay the copyright to the rights holders.

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