Dpstream to Watch Movies and Series one of the Best Solution?

Streaming is now the preserve of a large number of Internet users. In reality, it is no other pleasure for them than to enjoy their favorite series and movies through the sites that offer this service. But the fact remains that such a practice is risky. This is because streaming is considered to be an illegal activity. So what are the risks in watching your films and series on Dpstream? What are the solutions available to you? We discuss it in this article.

Dpstream: one of the best to watch your streams

Even though there is a plethora of websites today where it is possible to enjoy the best cinematic achievements in streaming, that does not prevent the fact that Dpstream is still considered one of the best and is always expected by its users when it is no longer available.

It is so popular because it offers its free services Firstly. But we should not also forget the fact, that Dpstream is able to make you enjoy feature films as well as short films. Indeed, the films and series available on this platform are considered to be the best. This is all the more true insofar as the content is broadcast shortly after its release.

The icing on the cake, Dpstream is not content to satisfy fans of film series. It also offers their many Internet users animated series or animated movies, it could be among this Top 10 streaming sites for animated movies, which is quite rare on other sites like StreamiZ, Extreme-download. This site is therefore able to satisfy the Otaku community, which is growing over time and who also say good things about VoirFilm and StreamComplet.

What is the story of Dpstream?

If there is one thing to recognize about Dpstream, it is that it is about one of the first sites on which it is possible to watch streaming videos in French. Today there are many such as Papystreaming, Voirfilm, Zone-télécharger and many others present in the Top 10 streaming sites. But since its creation, it is in 2009 that he began by offering films, series and animated films for free.

However, it was still necessary to support during these broadcasts a large number of advertisements. It was then that they set up a premium option which you can access from 1.5 € per month. With this option, it is possible to enjoy ad-free streaming.

In addition, it should be noted that Dpstream is not used to storing videos on its servers. Unlike other streaming sites, this is just a directory on which you can have links to streaming videos.

Dpstream: find out more about how it works

Even if you have to go through several steps before using Dpstream, the fact remains that its operation is quite simple. However, for this you must have several tools on your computer beforehand.

So make sure that the browser is compatible with playing this type of video. For this, you can opt for Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Also make sure that the plug-ins are properly installed on your computer. After that, you can go to the Dpstream site and start your research.

Click for it in the search box displayed on the site and enter the name of the series or movie you want to watch. When this is done, a list of episodes will appear on your screen. Select the episode you want to watch.

But after that, you will have to go through the step of jailbreaking the video. Once this step is completed, you will then have to accept the terms of use and execute the operation. The video will then be ready to be played.

Where can I find the Dpstream site?

In normal times, it is possible to find the Dpstream site everywhere. As long as you have a good internet connection, you will be able to access the streaming site. However, there are some countries that do not tolerate the use of streaming sites and that is why Dpstream is sometimes blocked. This is the reason why they are prohibited there. This is the case in France, where it is not possible to watch streaming videos because it is an illegal activity.

Why is streaming illegal, what are the risks?

First of all, it would be appropriate here to make a distinction between legal streaming and illegal streaming. Streaming consists of playing a video file from a remote server without actually downloading it. The most well-known platforms for doing this are Netflix, Amazon Prime video and many more.

In addition, these platforms constitute the video services on demand. They are legal, insofar as it is necessary to subscribe to a subscription to get there. However, other platforms are free. The fact remains that some platforms have no legal access.

Why is this illegal?

Watch videos in illegal streaming is considered a crime. This, quite simply because streaming viewing involves downloading the video inside your computer’s cache.

This constitutes a partial reproduction of the work which is considered a violation of intellectual property, and by extension, illegal. Consequently, the Internet user is guilty of a reproduction offense, even if he did so temporarily.

The risks involved

Fortunately for some and unfortunately for others, case law has not ruled on the subject of risks. Indeed, the fact that the offense of reproduction was carried out in a transitory way, it will be difficult to prove that there was an infringement. In this case, the Internet user who has viewed the video has absolutely nothing to fear. This results in the fact that the Internet user has not made any downloads and made no copies of the video.

Otherwise, he would risk 3 years in prison and a € 300,000 fine. It is therefore assumed that the sanctions will have to be directed towards the site which published the video and the Internet user who posted it. However, this is still theoretical, because in practice nothing is clear.

Solutions to enjoy streaming legally

There are three different solutions that will allow you to enjoy streaming legally.

The first of these is lean into video on demand. These are legal streaming offers which you must subscribe to in order to have access.

The second is the replay. This solution is based exclusively on the rebroadcasting of online content of programs that have been broadcast by television channels.

As for the last one, it is direct and peer to peer download. In itself, this solution is not at all illegal. But it is possible that it will become so, in the event that you have the possibility of accessing content protected by user rights, without having received the authorization of the rights holders.

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