Driving course – Dream cars to drive

A driving course offers you the opportunity to burn the asphalt behind the wheel of a beautiful sporty engine. However, among all the exceptional cars that it is possible to drive, it can be difficult to choose the model of your dreams. Discover our selection of the most prestigious brands to try on a circuit!

Prestigious brands for dream cars

Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini… these brands have many loyal customers. You too may have a brand that is close to your heart and this is a very good reason to try your hand at a circuit driving course.

Ferrari, legendary cars

The famous red cars from Ferrari are, of course, available to sell you dreams. You can find the 360 ​​Modena, F430, 458 Italia or its successor, the famous 488 GTB which is equipped with a V8 engine.

Lamborghini, the Italian bull

If you prefer the brand to the bull rather than the prancing horse, Lamborghini will offer you your dose of Italian sportswoman! Behind the wheel of the Lamborghini Gallardo or the Huracàn, the asphalt is waiting to burn under your wheels.

Porsche, German sports cars

If you like the German brand, you can’t miss the 911 GT3, 991 S or the Porsche Cayman S, which is not the most luxurious, but which turns out to be a real gem to discover sporty driving. .

Aston Martin, in the service of his Majesty

The favorite brand James Bond is also available for driving courses with a car as sporty as it is legendary, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage. If you’ve always dreamed of slipping into the shoes of the English spy, this iconic racing car is for you.

Mustang, the galloping horse

To be at the wheel of a powerful American, Mustang, the Ford subsidiary, lets loose on the circuit. On board a Mustang Shelby GT500 or the Ford Mustang GT, discover the pleasure of muscular driving!

Subaru, in the land of the rising sun

How about a driving course with a Japanese sportswoman? The Subaru Impreza, true emblem of the Subaru brand, is always a pleasure to take in hand among fans of motorsport.

How to choose your car to drive on a circuit

Choosing a good car model that suits you is essential to fully enjoy your driving course. Do you prefer a model for its performance on asphalt or for your affinity with a particular brand? We even sometimes forget that it is possible to come and drive your own car on a circuit, to have fun or take driving lessons.

However, the choice of reason for many drivers is the performance of the vehicle. After all, we usually do a driving course to enjoy sensations that are generally inaccessible to us on a daily basis.

If the power of the vehicle is one of the main characteristics, its handling must also be taken into account in your final choice. For a beginner, it is not recommended to opt for a model higher than 350 horsepower and / or which is equipped with an automatic gearbox.

It is not ideal for learning sport driving on this type of vehicle and if you cannot tame it properly you may come out of the experience frustrated. So it is better to choose a model according to your driving abilities which to prepare like a racing driver.

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