Dynamic signage in the hotel industry, Ideal to stand out and convince

Quick Access to Content – Summary

The tourist clientele is more and more demanding, to satisfy them we must always do more and offer the best services. To provide high visibility on important hotel information continuously, without taking time, digital signage is an ideal solution.

The reasons why you need to put digital signage in your hotel?

Choosing a dynamic display to transmit information is a guarantee of quality for your customers. It is an element that brings a touch of modernity to any space, in a reception, you can display the different prices, the different services that you offer or the activities available in your region.

It will therefore be possible to add content quickly and easily, but also to modify them as much as you want. Thus the information will be continuously up to date for customers even just passing through.

Optimize communication with your customers with digital signage

You can broadcast the same message, on several different screens or send several messages, depending on where the screen is located. Digital signage works with RSS feeds, but also widgets, which are multiple and available depending on the solution chosen.

You will be able to broadcast the weather forecast around the swimming pool, at reception, upcoming events may be offered. And to go further, in the dining room, your customers can find the menus and why by recipes linked to local specialties.

The continual need to stand out from the competition

By opting for dynamic signage for the hotel industry, you can inform your customers on a daily basis. Integrating digital means that your hotel advances over time and adapts, which is a guarantee of quality for many customers.

It is an efficient, modern means of communication, they will hold the attention of your customers, they will keep a positive memory of their arrival. They will not be frustrated with not having the right information or even lacking it. In addition, they will not have to wait for information if the reception staff is busy.

From the reception, attracting your customers, do not hesitate to distribute photographs of your rooms, exteriors, living spaces, as well as the dishes served in your restaurant. Highlighting from the reception the additional services, such as catering, well-being service, activities available within the hotel, increases sales of these different services.

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