Dyson AM09 – Fan and Heater Blowing Air Technology – Review & Test

Winter is approaching and you fear being cold, it is not likely to happen with this Dyson heater. Multifunctional, it can both cool and heat you according to your needs. It is both discreet and ultra-efficient for optimum efficiency. a happy family, in a warm interior.

Presentation video with Opinion and Test of the Dyson AM09

Where to buy your Dyson Fan & Heater

More information on this Dyson AM09 Radiator

Take advantage of this compact heater to heat a large room. It is discreet by its appearance but also by its sound emission of 50 Hz. It is also very economical, because it consumes very little 2000 watts for heating and 30 watts of energy consumption in cooling mode.

Dyson is a brand for which quality, new technology and design hold an important place in its values. All of their products appeal to families, particularly because they are products that meet their expectations and are very safe for children. A mark of confidence that accompanies you even in the coldest periods.

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