Electric Folding Bike – How to choose this type of folding bike? Reviews & Comparison

The folding bike is very practical, opting for an electric version is all the more useful for people who frequently use this means of transport. How to choose this type of folding bike, what are the advantages, what are the most popular brands.

How to choose a folding electric bike

To make the right choice when buying an electric folding bike, there are some points to consider so as not to be mistaken. Here are some of the important criteria at the time of purchase.

The weight of the folding bike

The advantage of the folding bike is that it is more compact and lighter. It is therefore a very important criterion at the time of purchase, depending on the model, the bike will weigh between 9 and 18 kg. The importance of the weight is to be able to carry it easily once folded.

But this light weight must not correspond to a poor quality bike due to bad material. Lightness and strength must be taken into account for a quality electric folding bike.

The size of the bike frame

This is a very important criterion which varies depending on your own height. The size of the dial defines the height of the bike, a small one will not suit tall people and vice versa. It is important to look at the level of your crotch, your legs should not be too tight or too bent.

Normally, as on all types of bikes, the saddle is adjustable, but it is often already set to maximum height when purchasing a folding bike, because the wheels are much smaller than normal.

The place taken once fold

The main idea when buying a folding bike is to save space to transport it when it is folded and once stored. For that you have to look at the dimension that it once folded.

Generally the manufacturers make sure not to exceed 90 cm long and 80 cm high for a width of 40 cm. This facilitates many people in public transport.

Ease of folding the folding bike

You must also take into account the folding time of this type of bike, it should not take you several minutes, especially if you have to take the metro to get to work. It should take you just a few seconds. For some models it takes 30 seconds stretched for others it will only be 10 seconds.

The price of the electric folding bike

For a classic p-iable bike you need a budget starting at € 300 and up to € 4,000 depending on the range and the brand. But for electric folding bikes, you must have a minimum budget of 500 €, to have a quality bike.

The power of the folding electric bike

If you opt for an electric folding bike, it is because you want to make your life easier, but also to save time by going faster. We must therefore take into account the power of it. You therefore need a quality battery, which recharges quickly and has good autonomy.

It is also necessary to look at the possibilities of speeds to be reached, generally that does not exceed 25 km / h, for a question of safety. Which is already a reasonable speed compared to a person who would have to pedal to move forward.

The different advantages of electric folding bikes

Obviously opting for an electric folding bike, rather than a classic folding bike has many advantages and here are the ones.

  • Save time on your various journeys
  • Less physical effort, so you can get to work without the risk of sweating and that’s good for your health
  • Ecologically sustainable means of transport
  • Takes up little space when folded
  • Help people who don’t want to play sports to do so
  • Economical, can have a budget at the time of purchase, which is quickly amortized, with the frequency of use of it

The different brands of electric folding bikes

It is a developed market, for which there is a wide choice of products, with the multiple brands present. Here are a few that are brands recognized by buyers and specialists for their electric folding bikes.

Fiido preferred brand for folding bikes

For the Fiido D1 bike it takes at least 550 €, it is light with a weight of 17.5kg. It has a 10.4 Ah Li-ion battery and a 250 watt motor, which gives it 20% more endurance compared to other motors.

For more safety it is equipped with a double disc brake at the front and at the rear. Aesthetically, it is design in all simplicity, the battery is directly integrated in the frame therefore not visible. When folded, it fits perfectly in a trunk, even of a small model car.

Spreedrid, the electric folding mountain bike for men

The foldable mountain bike for man from the Spreedrid brand is equipped with a removable lithium battery, but integrated so as not to be visible from 36 volts and 8 Ah. The material used for the frame is aluminum for great lightness.

With this type of bike you can reach speeds of 25 km / h and you can have a range between 20 and 50 km depending on the use. When folded it takes only 80 cm wide and 56 cm high, stretched that unfolded it is 149 cm wide and between 70 and 113 cm high depending on the setting.

Hiriyt the 21-speed electric bike

You can choose between electric mode and classic mode for your different uses and according to your desires. It has a power of 250 watts, as well as a 36-volt battery, like previous models, allowing you to reach speeds of 25 km / h.

The battery charges quickly between 4-6 hours, which is ideal for people who use it every day. It is a mountain bike, so you can use it on all types of terrain, city, mountain, mud, …

Beeper IVELO Electrically assisted bicycle

A very compact model, which has a weight of 16 kg, which is really light, for this type of product. It has a touch screen on the handlebars, showing you the speed, the kilometers traveled, you can also turn on your lights via it.

Simple and quick folding, you just need to open the lock and fold it in half, it only takes 65cm wide and 83cm high when folded. Unfolded, it is 99 cm high and 1.175 cm long. It is equipped with an LG 36V 5.2Ah Lithium-ion battery, which recharges in just 2 or 3 hours.

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