Electronic cigarette: Fivape multiplies training courses to supervise and support the sector

Fivape, the inter-professional vaping federation, clearly announces its intentions: it wishes to help the electronic cigarette sector to develop by providing better supervision. For this, she has set up several training courses and a Vape Bleue label. The idea is to stabilize the market by ensuring quality standards, both in products and in service.

A first certified training

Fivape has taken its role very seriously since its inception. In 2018, it opened its first training center and now offers certification training. This focuses mainly on the profession of salesman specializing in vaping products. It therefore requires good technical knowledge, both on products and on markets and innovations.

Participants can then use their certification to find a job in a store. They may specialize in certain areas, or even in certain brands. The xbud liquids, for example, have certain shops that are entirely dedicated to them. Better yet, this certification can help get financing from a bank or investors when you want to open your own store.

Make the vaping market a sector that matters

For Fivape, the stakes are high. These trainings aim to constantly update the skills of professionals in the sector, but only. They make it possible to improve the overall quality of the market and customer satisfaction over the long term. Thus, this gives significant credibility to this market which continues to grow.

Electronic cigarette professionals therefore have every interest in joining the Fivape program. By professionalizing the sector and making it safer for consumers, these trainings allow the market to grow. Professional income is also increasing and shops are flourishing. This epiphenomenon that many had predicted short, has finally settled for almost ten years in our lives and in our cities.

The creation of a label to supervise the market

To support its ambitions, Fivape has created a label called “Label Vape Bleue”. The idea is roughly the same as for training: to offer consumers benchmarks and a reassuring environment. All this to stimulate purchasing and consumption and help the market to develop.

Thus, for a few years, the Vape Bleue label can be seen on certain shops in France. It ensures the quality of the products sold, but also the quality of the advice given by professional sellers, whether or not they have followed the Fivape training.

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