Elwing, Nimbus – Electric Skateboard, The 2.0 supercharged board – Reviews & Test

Skateboarding and board sports fan? You will be delighted to discover the latest model of Elwing Nimbus Electric Skateboard with Intuitive Remote Control. More sophisticated, the 2.0 board incorporates a series of improvements in terms of power, performance, design and stability, for an even more comfortable and safer riding experience. Below, our video test of its use.

Video Review and Test of the Elwing Skateboard

Where to buy your Nimbus Electric Skateboard?

More information on the Elwing Nimbus electric board

This 2019 version of the Elwing Nimbus electric board features a new wider and longer custom concave chainring with a larger square kicktail, for better stability. Its more ergonomic remote control offers convenient control for beginners and professionals alike.

In terms of performance and power, the board is equipped with powerful 500 W wheel motors and can reach a top speed of 32 km / h thanks to its new custom BMS electric system and custom ESC. Its new Signal Sine Wave embedded software provides better control of speed, acceleration, braking and better fault detection.

Lighter, stronger and more manoeuvrable, the Nimbus has larger, flexible wheels that absorb shocks and vibrations for a more comfortable ride.

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