Embark on the Electric Scooter Races to Compete at over 100 km / h!

Electric scooters are devices that have the capacity to go up to 100 km / h. They are already adopted by several young people who use them for their daily trips. However, due to the speed that the vehicle can reach, the law limits the maximum driving speed to 25 km / h. What then to do to satisfy the users of this machine? The idea is to make the electric scooter a new speed sport and to carefully select the competitors.

The electric scooter, the new speed sport

The electric scooter is now considered a sport in its own right, just like cycling, snowboarding, motorcycle GP or Formula 1. A competition is planned for this purpose in 2021 and it will take place on a closed circuit.

This will be the very first electric scooter championship. The competition has been named the EsKootr Championship. The idea for its organization comes from two fans of motor racing, Hrag Sarkissian and Khalil Beschir. Lucas di Grassi and Alex Wurz have agreed to sponsor the event.

This sport is very physical and intense. So know that a good mastery of the electric scooter like the ones you can see by clicking on this link, is essential before launching into the competition to hope to win. It is therefore not reserved for beginners.

The reasons which led to the organization of the championship are multiple. First, we must promote the micro-mobility offered by the electric scooter to alleviate the traffic jam in large cities. It will therefore be easier to move around in built-up areas.

Then there is the ecological aspect of these small machines. Indeed, unlike most vehicles, electric scooters do not emit toxic gases into the air. It is a major asset that contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases. Thus, the ambient air is less polluted.

Who will be able to practice the high speed scooter?

The eskootr Championship should take place with electric scooters whose top speed exceeds 100 km / h. The fastest reach 120 km / h or even 130 km / h in less than 10 seconds. Only those accustomed to speed could find themselves in this competition.

The participants who will be selected to practice high speed scooters will come from various backgrounds. They were chosen from the sporting world of: snowboarding, rollerblading, cars, skateboards, biking, cycling, e-sports, surfing and motorcycles. It is therefore the racing athletes who are in the spotlight.

The competition will be held in a big city to give more visibility to the event. However, even with all the protective gear, there are concerns that several falls could spoil the mood by damaging the health of the pilots. The sensitivity of young spectators could therefore be affected.

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