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These pretty dolls are both fairies and creatures of nature. Mattel Enchantimals dolls come straight out of a fantasy and fantasy world. They represent the importance of nature and are strongly linked to animals, each of them has its adored companion.

Why you should buy an Enchantimals for a Christmas present?

These dolls are an ideal gift for a child, each doll has its own universe, its feelings, its personality which is linked to that of an adorable animal. Little girls can end up in one of them, but these dolls are not just for girls, boys can quite enjoy it, there are even male models.

The universe is fantastic, enchanted, it will allow your children to develop their imaginations, to create worlds and stories. It’s not just dolls, there are boxes depicting each of the Enchantimals personalities. Their little companion is really cute, you are bound to fall for it.

The different Enchantimals dolls of this universe

These dolls are numerous, but the main ones are Felicity Renard and Flick, Bree Lapin and Twist, Patter Peacock and Flap, Sage Moufette and Caper, Danessa Biche and Sprint.

Felicity Renard and Flick

She is known for being fast, intelligent and very curious, she is interested in everything. Her curiosity leads her to go on an adventure all the time, because she loves to discover new places.

She has the character of a fearless leader, she is serene and never panics and loves to explore. Each of these dolls have animal powers and hers are to have an overdeveloped sense and to move quietly.

Bree Bunny and Twist

Bree Rabbit is the cleverest of all the Enchantimals. She is very resourceful and loves to tinker. She has very little time for herself, as she spends her time embarking on and preparing new projects.

She has a creative character, she is full of energy and above all she likes to tinker. Her power is to be able to make wonderful jumps and she has overdeveloped hearing. The more complicated the project, the more interested Bree Lapin and Twist.

Patter Peacock and Flap

Patter Peacock loves its beautiful peacock feathers. She is a faithful friend, who keeps telling her friends to be proud of them and tries to be so too. If you hear her singing, it’s not a good sign, it’s because she’s upset.

She is very talkative, fairly confident and loves to encourage her friends. Its power is to fly, but it should not be relied on to cover long distances.

Sage Skunk and Caper

Wise and quite lively, whether in his mind or physically. She has the ability to solve problems quickly, no matter how complex it is, she always has a solution to every problem. But also very mischievous and likes to play tricks on her friends.

She has a rather optimistic character, she is very funny and likes to play tricks. Its power is to detect dangers and has the ability to never panic.

Danessa Biche and Sprint

Danessa is the most discreet of all, she is reserved and quite timid, yet she is not afraid of action. She is very present for her friends and is very kind, Danessa is always in the right place at the right time.

Her character is to be very kind, strong and yet sensitive. Her power is to run very fast and she has excellent vision.

The other Enchantimals dolls?

We have shown you the top 5. But there are many others, each of which has its own little companions. They each have their own character and power, but they make a beautiful group of loyal friends.

How to choose an Enchantimals?

To choose an enchantimals, you can trust your child’s character and choose the doll that looks like him. Another way to make your decision is to decide which animal is your favorite and which your child prefers.

Then, you can complete the universe with different dolls, but know that there are not only the dolls with their companion, there are sets with their favorite universe.

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