Essentials for an elegant 80s look

The 80s have been back for some time, especially in fashion. If we have rediscovered with pleasure the accessories and the crazy and colorful styles of this great era, this winter is intended to be more sober and elegant, this is what we have noticed on all the catwalks. Here are some ideas of looks for this winter.

Pleated ankle boots with fringes

A true symbol of the 1980s, heeled ankle boots for women have always been on trend ever since. Today, we find a flagship model from the end of the decade, pleated and fringed leather ankle boots. Slightly raised with a triangular heel (a great fashion classic of the time) they can be worn with everything: tapered pants, faded high-waisted jeans or even with a long dress. If you are looking for a pair of original boots for winter, this is the model to have, preferably in white or in light nubuck.

Octagonal glasses

Do you remember those big pairs of glasses that we wore in the late 1980s? It sounded very intellectual, a bit in the style that Diane Keaton wore in 1977 in Annie Hall. Very quickly, wide lens glasses have arrived as a real phenomenon in Europe and in particular in France. This winter, the octagonal shapes were highlighted in the windows of opticians. We postpone them with pleasure, even with non-corrective lenses for those who have no sight problem.

Asymmetric long dress

Wearing a long dress always brings a lot of elegance. The dresses of the 80s are remembered especially the long and asymmetrical versions, because they brought a lot of modernity for women who wanted to assume their femininity. We gladly come back to the patterned dress or the bohemian dress we adored wear with the famous ankle boots fringed elsewhere.

Elephant paw pants

Another great symbol of fashion from the 70s that continued into the 80s is the famous elephant leg pants. Here again, we remember the elegant and urban model that Diane Keaton wore in Annie Hall, with her very masculine tie and waistcoat. We now find this look in the windows, which is not to displease us. Indeed, the bottom is very flared, which has the effect of refining the thighs and buttocks.

Skinny pants

You thought they had been thrown into the oubliettes of the 1980s kitsch. However, the pants are back with fabrics that hug the shapes much better and have a little legging effect when we wear them. We still forget the houndstooth pattern for more sober solid colors such as black which will refine your silhouette. This winter, you will have the opportunity to wear your spindle in three ways. First, there is the elegant way with stiletto heels. Then there is the vintage way with heeled ankle boots. Finally, there is the high school version with a pair of Stan Smiths.

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