Faced with Inequalities Everyone Can Act!

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To preserve natural resources, overcome poverty and fight against inequalities, many international NGOs are working every day. To help them deploy their projects, everyone can act at their own level. If you wish to contribute your stone to the building, many associations will be delighted with your support, in particular Planete-urgence.

Really everyone?

If you dream of a just, equitable and sustainable world, getting involved in a cause can be a source of fulfillment. In France and elsewhere, many associations carry out actions and projects to positively impact their environment. They are regularly looking for new partners and offer you the opportunity to support them.

If you thought that this contribution was reserved for wealthy individuals, know that this is far from the case. No matter what your resources, your available time, or your skills, you can definitely make yourself useful. From a financial point of view, everyone can donate up to its financial resources. If this is not possible for you, know that any contribution is welcome. Also, communicate on the association or organize a collection from your network is also a way of acting.

How to act with Planete-urgence?

Planete Urgence association logo

Today, many NGOs are mobilized every day to preserve natural resources and protect the planet. Among them, Planete-urgence allows everyone to act for a more united and sustainable world.

What is Planete-Urgence?

Since its creation, Planete-urgence has been working to preserve the planet and raise public awareness of the environment. Affiliated with the French GROUPE SOS, it is organized around four major axes of action:

  • Local development communities
  • Programs reforestation
  • Preserving the biodiversity
  • Public awareness environmental issues.

To do this, she can count on her 209 local partners, his 104 patrons and its many volunteers. Today, the association deploys its interventions in no less than 19 countries. Regarding the results obtained, Planete Urgence already has more than 10,000,000 trees planted and nearly 175,512 school kits distributed. If you want more information on current and upcoming projects, do not hesitate to consult the planete-urgence.org site.

What are the possible actions with this association?

Planete Urgence 1 euro equals 1 tree planted

To complete its projects, Planete-urgence wants to be open to all and flexible. She invites everyone to participate in their fight, whatever his means. To invest you concretely in international solidarity, it offers you many volunteering missions. From raising awareness of the harmful effects of deforestation to learning French for young children, the offers are varied. In addition, according to your experiences and aspirations, you can choose between Civic Services, Solidarity Missions or VSI.

To support the association, you can also proceed to donations. Whatever the amount paid, your commitment will help finance concrete and useful actions. Why not participate in theoperation € 1 donated = 1 tree planted? Finally, if you represent a company, you can opt for the partnership and mobilize your network around the association.

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