Feber the brand of electric vehicle that will delight your children in summer

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Doing like the grown-ups is undoubtedly our children’s biggest obsession, evidenced by their various toys: a stove, DIY tools, dolls to play with parents and of course electric vehicles for children !

The toy brand Feber hit hard with its wide range of children’s vehicles, to do like the grown-ups!

Towards an exploration of the world around them

If our children have one quality, it is undoubtedly their curiosity! Eager to discover new things, to feel new sensations, to explore new territories, our children keep trudging right to left to test their limits.

Feber, with its Drive range, has perfectly identified this need, in any case it is an opinion on Feber that many share, and offers our children new possibilities thanks to a wide choice of products: quads, one or two seater car and also Feber motorcycles and trimotos, the brand gives our little ones new ways to have fun!

The Feber quad range: A sporty four-wheeler

With more than ten models in this range of toy version quads, some of which are featured on the My Super Quad enthusiast’s site, our children of all ages can find what they are looking for, whatever their needs and desires!

The Quad 82 6V is perfect for little ones from one year old! Designed with electric assistance that can be controlled with the foot and brakes that work as soon as the accelerator is released, our children can have fun in complete safety with a maximum speed of 2km / h.

For older children, the Quad Brutale 12V is the ideal alternative. Equipped with a forward and a reverse gear, an engine running on a 12V battery that can go up to 5km / h, this model is perfectly designed to overcome many obstacles in its path.

Beautiful Electric Car: Because luxury is not just for adults

The brand offers more than twenty models of electric cars one or two seater.

For those of us whose children prefer to drive alone, the brand has developed a whole range of luxury cars like the famous James Bond Aston Martin taken over by the Aston Martin 6V model. Everything is designed to be realistic! Headlights that come on, a probable engine noise and an MP3 system for playing music: this is what this car promises!

Two-person rides are also possible behind the wheel of a beautiful sports car. Let our children get on the famous Ferrari California 12V. The calender, the dashboard but also the rims and seats: the smallest details of the model have been studied to reproduce in the smallest details a car worthy of being a Ferrari.

For children eager for sensations, the option of the motorbike or the trimoto

Does your child lean more on a two-wheeler? No problem ! The Feber brand has developed its own model: the Feber Cross Alpha! Equipped with two small removable wheels at the rear, this motorcycle is the ideal solution to teach your children in complete safety!

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