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What are the 5 Categories of Crowdfunding in France?

Crowdfunding or crowdfunding is a mode of financing allowing individuals, entrepreneurs or companies to have projects financed by a community of investors via dematerialized platforms. It comes in six distinct forms including: loan to individuals, donation platforms, crowdlending, equity crowdfunding and royalty financing. Focus on these 5 categories of regulated


Why turn to a loan between individuals?

Peer-to-peer lending, also known as peer to peer (P2P), is an online financing system through which individuals can borrow or extend credit to other individuals. Both lenders and borrowers can benefit from this alternative loan system which offers many advantages over traditional bank lending. How does a loan between individuals


Loan between individuals: Yes, but under what conditions?

The loan between individuals is a crowdfunding activity subject to legal requirements. Indeed, depending on whether you use it as a lender, borrower or market intermediary, there are mandatory rules and obligations to which you must comply with a peer-to-peer loan. We tell you all about the legal requirements to


Top 10 Platforms for Investing in P2P?

Do you want to get started in P2P lending but do not know which platforms to invest? Or are you just looking for reliable platforms to diversify your investments? You are in the right place. We present to you our pick of the top 10 most trusted crowdfunding platforms for


Mintos: What You Should Know Before Investing!

Are you considering investing in Mintos and want to learn more about the platform before investing your money? Well, opting for Mintos is choosing to invest in the leader in crowdlending platforms on a European scale. However, this is not without risk of capital loss. But don’t worry. In order


Good or bad idea ?

Quick Access to Content – Summary Mintos is known to be one of the largest peer-to-peer lending platforms in Europe. Aside from its notoriety, is this platform really worth using for your peer to peer investments? To find out, we’ve reviewed the Mintos platform and we’re telling you all about


What Are the Alternatives to Mintos?

Are you looking for alternative peer-to-peer lending platforms to Mintos? Whether you want to invest in home loans, personal loans, business loans, or consumer loans, there are many sites that are similar and as reliable as Mintos. We present to you the best alternative crowdlending platforms to the giant Mintos


How to Invest Correctly on Mintos?

Between the investment strategies to be configured and the platform available exclusively in English, investing in Mintos may seem complicated to you at first. But do not worry. To invest correctly on Mintos, you must first of all choose your investment strategy and, if necessary, customize it according to your


Financing Between Individuals: Why choose Mintos?

With over 400,000 registered investors, Mintos is the largest equity loan marketplace in Europe. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, investing through Mintos can be beneficial because of the many advantages it offers. You gain access to the best opportunities to diversify your portfolio into a variety


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