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Future or CFD, which financial market to trade?

As an individual, do you want to invest in the financial markets, but you don’t know where to start? In this article, we will go over the CFD market and the Futures market that you can invest in. Future and CFD, two different investor profiles You must first know that


CAC 40: The best stock market investment of 2021?

With an extraordinary increase in the Paris stock exchange since the start of 2021, the CAC 40 becomes the best investment option. This ongoing increase can be explained by several factors that we will discuss in our article. Also, we explain everything there is to know about this stock market.


How to avoid over-indebtedness commission?

Quick Access to Content – Summary When we find ourselves unable to regulate our expenses, the over-indebtedness commission presents itself as a possible end to our financial problems. However, there are intermediate solutions that allow you to avoid this procedure and deal with our debts. What are they ? Discover


Spartoo the shoe store is preparing to go public!

Spartoo, the online shoe, clothing and leather goods store will soon go public, notably on Euronext Growth. It is therefore legitimate to ask whether the company’s shares can be a reliable investment or not. Can we hope for the Grenoble-based company a success similar to that of Zalando, its direct


The new cryptocurrency in vogue?

Quick Access to Content – Summary Elon Musk exerts a strong influence on the field of cryptocurrencies: all it takes is a tweet to see the price of one of them rise or, on the contrary, collapse. It was by making a joke last May on the set of Saturday


How Does Acknowledgment of Debt Work?

Whether it is for business transactions or simply to lend money, it is important to have an IOU as proof of an existing debt. Although an IOU is not considered a legally binding commitment, it is usually followed by a more formal written agreement that contains all of the terms


How does the promissory note work?

When you need a loan, or to cover a buy-sell payment and you don’t have the capital you need, you can resort to a promissory note. When you need a loan, or to cover a buy-sell payment and you don’t have the capital you need, you can resort to a


How To Manage Unpaid Rent During Covid-19?

In terms of rental property, the legislation obliges the tenant to pay his rent and his charges on the date stipulated in the lease. The occurrence of an exceptional situation such as a health emergency due to covid-19 does not exclude compliance with this provision. If you are wondering how


7 tips for getting started in Forex

Don’t forget to upload the images to YOUR site and replace them in the text.Ideally, rename the name of the images as well.Copy the HTML to your clipboard Learning to trade in the forex market (also known as Forex, FX, or currency trading) may seem likeformidable, especially if you are


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