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3 Criteria to Check Before Buying a New Apartment

Quick Access to Content – Summary Whether it is to live there or to make it a second home, buying a new apartment is an action that requires certain precautions. There are several aspects that must be taken into account to make a rational choice that you will not regret


How Does Acknowledgment of Debt Work?

Do you intend to lend a large amount of money to a loved one? Establishing an IOU could be useful for you because it constitutes a guarantee of repayment. By doing this, you protect your capital in the event of disagreement with your debtor. Here’s how debt recognition works if


What are the costs of a co-ownership manager?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, a little reminder about a condominium trustee and its usefulness to help you. Co-ownership is the organization of one or more buildings and is divided into lots distributed among several owners. To facilitate this organization and keep the building in good condition,


Studio container: Housing of the future?

If you watch the news regularly, you have surely seen reports on student accommodation consisting of stacked containers. Is this a crazy idea of ​​a few architects or a revolutionary idea? The prefabricated container is far from being a novelty First of all, we must immediately get rid of the


The best financial investments in 2019

Quick Access to Content – Summary Who doesn’t want to save for later? Just be able to put a few pennies aside, pennies that can be used if necessary. Or the fact of being able to put money aside and create capital for your children when they start their own


How to choose the right co-ownership manager?

The efficient management of the affairs of the condominium requires the know-how of a specialist in the field. This expert is nothing other than the trustee. In co-ownership law, the trustee may be either a natural person or a legal person to which the general assembly of co-ownership entrusts the


What should I know about the factoring contract?

Quick Access to Content – Summary Many management techniques allow businesses to improve their cash flow. This is the case with factoring, a service offered by a financial company. The latter takes care of the company’s invoices and collects its debts. The factor is thus remunerated on commission, according to


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