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How To Manage Unpaid Rent During Covid-19?

In terms of rental property, the legislation obliges the tenant to pay his rent and his charges on the date stipulated in the lease. The occurrence of an exceptional situation such as a health emergency due to covid-19 does not exclude compliance with this provision. If you are wondering how


The real estate sector in Guadeloupe facing the health crisis

Like other sectors, real estate has not escaped the economic crisis. Despite everything, the real estate market in Guadeloupe continues to record transactions. The coronavirus pandemic appears not to have restrained buyers. Demand remains reasonable and should also increase according to the Guadeloupe real estate observatory. Homes are the most


How to choose a real estate expert in Paris 14th?

Whether it is for the sale, rental or purchase of real estate, the appraisal of an expert is always essential. The help of a real estate expert is important to ensure the success of real estate transactions. However, it is not easy to choose the ideal person given the many


The 5 Best Cities to Invest in in 2021 – NewsFlow 24

The choice of location (here the city) has always been a determining criterion for investments, especially when it comes to rental property investments. Naturally, not all cities have the same level of attractiveness in relation to investments. In France, the metropolitan areas of Nantes, Rennes, Toulouse, Lille and Anger are


What to Count in Rental Management Fees in Paris?

You want to rent your Parisian accommodation, but the legal constraints related to the rental of accommodation are a hindrance. This is pushing more and more owners in Paris to turn to rental management experts. It is a less restrictive option which saves owners the administrative and technical difficulties. However,


3 Criteria to Check Before Buying a New Apartment

Quick Access to Content – Summary Whether it is to live there or to make it a second home, buying a new apartment is an action that requires certain precautions. There are several aspects that must be taken into account to make a rational choice that you will not regret

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