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What is P2P Lending, How does it work?

When you urgently need money, or simply want to finance an important project, resorting to a bank loan can be far too slow and laborious. Fortunately, there are other interesting financing solutions such as peer-to-peer (P2P) or peer-to-peer lending. It is an innovative loan system through which you can borrow


Loan between Individuals Against Bank Loan

Bank loan and loan between individuals are 2 financing options available to you when you want to obtain credit. Of course, each of these solutions is distinguished by its operating principle, its advantages, its constraints and its risks. Focus on the distinction between peer to peer lending and bank lending,


Top 5 of the Best Personal Loan Platforms?

Crowdlending platforms are multiplying but not all are equal. Because the security of his investment is at stake, opting for legal and reliable platforms is an obligation for any investor concerned with preserving and making profitable his investments. So what are the best P2P lending sites? The ranking gives Mintos,


Why Invest in Personal Loans?

There are now many alternatives to banking investment such as peer-to-peer loans to invest your money. But how are they interesting and beneficial to you? As an investor, P2P loans allow you to generate additional income with a lower level of risk than most investment vehicles offered on the financial


What is a Loan between Individuals – P2P?

Lending between individuals or peer to peer (P2P) is a loan system allowing individuals to lend or borrow money to other individuals via crowdlending platforms. It is an alternative financing method with a simple operating principle and popular for its many advantages. How a P2P loan works This type of


Why You Should Invest in Peer to Peer?

With a theoretical return promise of 10 to 12%, peer to peer has something to appeal to investors. This category of crowdfunding has the merit of being highly flexible and more advantageous than a traditional savings account. In addition, investing in P2P does not require in-depth knowledge and allows you


How to invest your money well in P2P?

Peer to peer lending for short P2P is an innovative and advantageous investment solution in several respects. But you still have to know how to invest your money in order to make your loans profitable while minimizing the risk of loss. There are a few basic rules to follow when


What are the Risks in Peer-to-Peer, Personal Loan?

Peer to Peer (P2P) is a crowdfunding model between individuals that is gaining ground in France. This alternative loan solution is touted for its better returns, flexibility and the opportunity it offers investors to generate passive income. But what about the risks it presents for its actors? We show you


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