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5 essential keys to a successful rental property investment

Quick Access to Content – Summary Real estate investment brings interesting advantages. It allows you to enrich yourself. But, becoming a real estate investor cannot be improvised. You must have knowledge of the real estate industry. It is important to make good choices. Here are 5 things to know for


Why should you opt for a loan buyback?

Many French households and businesses today find themselves under the weight of debt. After having accumulated various loans (mortgage, car loan, personal loan, work loan and others) whose monthly payments end up exceeding them, they find themselves having to renegotiate them without always knowing how to go about it. A


What if the crisis hits your savings?

Quick Access to Content – Summary The scale of the coronavirus epidemic takes us far in changing our way of life. Daily upheaval, questioning, reflection on our finances, so many aspects with which we are all confronted. The impacts of the fall in the markets constantly worry specialists, such as


Investing in Art – When Young Artists Can Pay Big

If investing in art was reserved for the privileged classes, today it has become democratized thanks to its financialization and the dematerialization of information. Today we tell you all about how to invest in art, but also which horse to bet on to invest your money on young artists! Investing


How does the Housing Savings Plan (PEL) work?

The Housing Savings Plan (PEL) is an excellent alternative when you want to obtain a mortgage. If you have the desire to subscribe to this savings plan, this article highlights how it works. What is the ELP and what is it used for? The Housing Savings Plan (PEL) is a

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