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How to easily bill for services?

Quick Access to Content – Summary The provision of services encompasses a very wide area and generally concerns workers who exercise their activity as a freelance or micro-enterprises in the tertiary sector. In general, what they have in common is that their activity consists of providing services. This involves exercising


Invest in cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum?

Digital currencies remain a mystery to most people, but little by little, trust is building. The three main cryptocurrencies to date are Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Although they each have their points in common, they still have particularities. Which cryptocurrency to start buying? Bitcoin and Ethereum Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum


Can you get rich with cryptocurrencies in 2020?

You may have heard of cryptocurrencies and the possibility of making money from them before. First of all, know that there is no gain without work and without effort. Nevertheless, there are several solutions to make money with cryptocurrency. Trading Trading digital currencies is a method that can make a


Direct Écureuil, the online Caisse d’Épargne service

You are most of the time busy and you don’t have time to go to your bank’s counter. Don’t worry, Direct Écureuil’s online Caisse d’Épargne service is the ideal solution. In one click, adopt good management of your accounts (title account, life insurance contracts, checking account, etc.) with all the


How to Open a Booklet for Small Children?

Every year, many grandparents look for effective savings solutions to support their grandchildren in their projects. Among the tools in vogue, the booklet is a particularly advantageous way to raise capital. To help you raise funds for your protégés, here are some insights. Is it possible to open a bank


How to Manage Your Savings Effectively with Yomoni?

Quick Access to Content – Summary Need to invest, without taking care of it yourself, Yomoni is the investment platform for you. After a study of your file, your money will be invested and followed by professionals, to make it grow. So much simplicity for an activity which involves risks,

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