Find a nanny to look after my child with a staggered schedule: The puzzle or not?

Being a parent is a full time job. If on top of that is added your work at irregular hours (such as very late at night or early in the morning), you very quickly find yourself obliged to delegate the care of your little one to a nanny. Only, finding a nanny, the right one, is not an easy task!

You will either have to go through the classifieds and sort the CVs yourself, or delegate the task to a licensed nanny agency. To make it easier for you, this article offers you some useful tips to find the perfect nanny for your child.

Selecting a nanny yourself, a delicate and tedious task

To keep your little one up during your absence, you have the option of choosing a nanny yourself. It’s a tedious job, which will require a lot of effort and rigor, in particular to post your ad, select the best CVs, conduct interviews and hire the one you have chosen.

Browse ad sites

There are many ad sites where you have the option to post your nanny need. Interested nannies will only have to apply for your job offer by sending you their CV and cover letter. You can also browse sites with profiles of nannies.

Sort CVs and organize interviews

After having selected the CVs of profiles that really interest you, all you have to do is organize the interviews to make your final decision. The interviews will be an opportunity for you to meet the potential future nanny of your toddler and to assess his different skills.

Prepare the employment contract and hire the nanny

Once you have chosen the ideal nanny, you will have to hire her. As she will be your employee, you will have to draw up and have her sign an employment contract, as well as declare her wages at the Pajemploi center. Of course, do not forget to respect the national collective agreement of the employees of the particular employer, as well as the regulations of the applicable labor code. Note that while the nanny can be a member of your family, she can never be your wife or child.

Go through an approved agency, the optimal solution

You will have understood it correctly: hiring a nanny yourself is too much hassle and paperwork to manage. To simplify your life, the ideal is to call on a specialized agency like Ausylphi Family, which is a reference in the field. And it only has advantages for you to have someone take care of everything for you.

You yourself from the chore of selecting the nanny

By choosing a state approved agency, all you have to do is tell them your criteria and requirements for the nanny. The agency will take care of the rest for you!

The agency guarantees you a highly qualified nanny

The agency has recruitment professionals, they use ultra-rigorous selection procedures, which gives you the guarantee of having a highly qualified nanny.

The nanny is the agency employee and not yours

Finally, it is the agency that employs the nanny and not you. Suddenly, you get rid of all the administrative constraints related to paperwork, such as drafting the employment contract. Basically, by going through an agency, you are sure to have the ideal nanny at your disposal, and all without breaking your head!

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