Find the best flight with an airline ticket comparator: How to do it?

Summer is fast approaching and the holidays are also fast approaching, your plane tickets have not yet been booked. You would like to avoid wasting hours, researching airlines, testing dates and different times, to prevent all this you have to use a flight comparator.

Skyscanner, speed and ease of comparison

A website, but also an application, very easy to use but also to understand. Searches are possible by city, country, results in the form of a graph or even a calendar. It is possible to filter according to the time of departure or arrival, make stops or not. Classify the results according to price, duration.

Jet Cost, known to all Europeans

A very simplistic interface, which gets the job done. Just enter the destination and the date. As with Skyscanner, it is possible to choose with or without a stopover, the duration of the flight. However, the comparison is not made on all airlines. So are the choices limited

Ulysses, a name that makes you want to travel

A simplified search, with the automatic proposal of place. After having filled in the fields of departure, arrival, time, number of people, the process is rather fast. The small downside is the number of proposals available to you, only 3 that you will be able to see in detail later. The prices are as had been said without change by going to the site of the service, no credit card fees, no service fees, the fair price.

Momondo, a pleasure to find the best flight

This site makes you want to spend hours looking for the ticket at the best price, a visually appealing and very intuitive site. It detects the place of departure automatically taking into account your position. You have the possibility of doing a search by continent for example, if you do not know exactly where you want to go, then this search can be more specific according to your desires (romantic holidays, adventure, calm … ). A map appears with all the prices, it will be easier to get to a destination according to the budget.

Google flight, visibility on everything

Just type in the search bar “Flight to Istanbul” and the Google search engine will automatically suggest flights, you can adjust the date and time. A first glimpse on the search page, which can be refined by going further. You land on a simple page with everything you need for an optimized search. The best offers are highlighted, visibility by graph is possible, as well as nearby airports. Once the selection is made, there is the possibility to book on the airline directly or on other sites offering the flights

Many comparators are available today, for ease of research and reservation. No need to plan a full day to book your vacation. You just have to find that it is the ideal comparator for you and why not compare the comparators.

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