Floor mats, an essential in a car

Among the essential elements that you must have in a car, the floor mats are at the top. Indeed, it is a very practical and useful accessory which makes it possible to facilitate the cleaning of the car. But that’s not all, their role is to protect the floor of the car and provide additional safety to passengers. You must change them, how to avoid making mistakes, how to maintain them afterwards.

The importance of changing the groundsheet once damaged

A worn carpet, with holes, can turn out to be really dangerous, indeed if this is the case for the driver’s carpet, it can make driving a real nuisance. It could move while driving and block the pedals for example. Having a quality carpet is therefore essential for the safety of passengers. In addition, the rugs have the role of protecting the floor of the car, it is very useful when it is raining outside, they will help to retain water and dirt and therefore prevent corrosion.

Custom or standard size rugs?

When you need to change your car mats, you will have a choice of custom made mats and standard size mats. To be sure that the carpet matches, it is better to choose custom-made carpet, for example, you need a carpet for Clio 5, you just need to enter your vehicle’s data to have the corresponding carpet.

Standard rugs, also called universal rugs, are rugs that you will easily find in many specialist or non-specialist shops. Making this choice is rather quick, you just have to buy some and then install them in your car. But they might not be the exact size for your cabin, which could be inconvenient while driving.

Maintain your floor mats with the right techniques

Maintenance will depend on weather conditions and the frequency of use of your vehicle. For carpet rugs it is good to clean them once a month. To do this, just follow a few steps.

  • First, untie the mats and get them out of your car.
  • Shake the carpets strongly to remove as much residue as possible, such as dust.
  • For a deep clean, vacuum.
  • Finished by brushing with a stiff bristle brush and a mixture of vinegar water, this last step will remove stubborn stains.

For rubber mats, the principle is the same, you have to remove them, shake them and rub them well with a mixture of water and vinegar, to avoid using chemicals. Once the cleaning is done and the carpets are dry, you just need to put them back inside your car.

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