Flowers an original gift for a man!

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Why not just give flowers to a man, the intention is the same, the message is the same as for a woman. Also, it is a moose gift idea, not many men get flowers so it is a nice idea to please.

Flowers the essential gift whatever the occasion

Giving flowers for the simple pleasure of giving, or for a special occasion, is an attention, which always gives a smile. You will be able to convey the ideal message, the one that comes from your heart, that you want to convey.

It is a gift that may seem simple and thoughtless, but when a man is given a bouquet of flowers for a birthday, it is always a very original idea. Not many people think of buying flowers from a man, which will automatically make your companion smile.

What are the flowers to give to a man?

Giving flowers to a man is not the same route as it is for women. We will have to think about the shape, the color, plan the vase, because a man will not necessarily have one. Little things, which will make your gift an exceptional idea.

The color of flower to offer for a man

It is preferable to avoid flowers of feminine color, such as pink, red, but also pastel colors. A bouquet of white flowers is an ideal compromise, this color conveys a real message and can be very formal, if it is to offer to a colleague. White symbolizes honesty, innocence, but also the love you feel.

The shape of the bouquet is important

When giving flowers to a woman, they like it to be clean, defined, in shape that does not scatter. The round shapes are to be forgotten for men, it is preferable to choose a rustic bouquet, refined, a slender and elegant assembly. This type of bouquet will express the virility and daring of your companion.

Don’t forget the practical side

Giving flowers to a man is a great idea, but you have to think about putting yourself in his shoes and telling yourself that he doesn’t necessarily have a vase with him. It is therefore necessary to think of taking a bouquet accompanied by a vase for the practical and useful side. But also flowers whose maintenance is not essential, they do not all have a green thumb.

The type of flower to give to a man

As with the shape of the bouquet, the shape of the flowers is essential, it should not be too feminine. Avoid flowers such as mimosas or even irises, it is better to favor flowers that take height, such as orchids for example. And to express your love to him, you can do it through roses, just like he would have done for you.

Flowers a real symbol when offered

Men know the symbolism of giving flowers, they frequently do it for women. So they know what you are trying to tell them by giving them flowers. It is therefore an ideal gift and which is important, whatever the occasion.

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