Focus on in-house trends at the end of 2018 to 2019

We do not follow house trends to apply them to the letter, but to be inspired by them and create an interior that is both personalized and fashionable.

In this article, find the main trends in interior decoration in terms of colors, patterns and decorative objects which are ultimately easy to find in specialty stores in unique experiences.

Trendy colors: We dare, but we stay elegant

The strong colors are not limited to the fashion catwalks and invite themselves this year in our interiors. Purple will be very present, as well as curry yellow and blue in sober (duck, indigo) or warm (Klein) hues. They are adopted in moderation on a single sofa for example to give character to the room. In terms of materials, we choose the very trendy velvet this year and which rhymes well with purple and curry yellow.

Pink is also on trend, in a powder pink version or between beige and salmon. If you opt for a minimalist and elegant design, shades of white and black as well as soft shades are to be preferred.

Trendy patterns: Between flowers and puff pastry

Floral and spring motifs are key elements of interior design, which can transform a soulless room into a place full of life:

Flower prints

Flowers, we put them everywhere, but without overdoing it and following a well-defined style. We find the floral prints on dishes, linens, curtains and walls. We opt for either small flowers (crockery and small linens) or XXL prints (curtains and wallpaper).

The puff pastry

The flakiness is still present, less tropical and more of a traditional botany. It is mostly found on wallpaper and curtains.

Trendy plants: In the air!

Plants always find their place in our interiors, whatever the theme of the decor. Tillandsia, anthurium, Boston fern, ficus, and philodendron are all the rage.

Also dare the levitating plants which bring a touch of zenitude and futurism to your interior. The concept of floating decoration was developed by Swedish designers who developed a lamp and a levitating vase. And it’s a concept that proves fascinating with indoor plants. Tillandsia is an excellent choice since it is an aerial plant.

Cannage, fringes and wood: Natural everywhere

Unsurprisingly, weaving is still present in home and interior design trends. This time around, we prefer cane for cushions, baskets, sofa backs, coats of arms and various suspended objects.

Fringes are also making a comeback on lampshades, placemats, velvet armchair finishes, and even pendant lighting. We choose them short for discreet styles and extra-long for a bohemian and hippie look.

Trendy styles: Hacienda, scandicraft, hygge

Among the flagship styles of this year and the next year, we find the hacienda trend that comes straight from Latin America and specifically from Brazil. It is characterized by its dynamic colors, tropical patterns and natural materials such as walnut.

The Scandinavian style is revealed more flexible and dynamic with more curved lines and more natural materials. It is now scandicraft. We also find the Danish trend, hygge, which offers a warm and cozy character to your spaces with soft natural materials (wool, velvet, etc.), candles and indirect lighting.

It was basically all the home and interior design trends for this year. It’s up to you to choose your favorite theme and customize it to your liking and according to your desires.

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