Free or Paid Antivirus How to Choose?

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For the security of your data on your computer, having an antivirus is essential. The latter ensures the protection of your entire system by preventing any virus intrusion. For better efficiency, it is necessary to make a good choice. Here’s how to choose your antivirus.

What’s the best antivirus right now?

The best antivirus is the one that offers high reliability, effectively detects and removes viruses, and offers flawless internet security. The Bitdefender program meets all of these criteria and is one of the best on the market today.

Bitdefender features

Bitdefender has the anti-theft feature allowing you to act remotely in the event your computer is stolen. It offers complete protection for all of your data while effectively preventing any network threat. The program protects your documents against ransomware and provides quality internet security. In addition, Bitdefender is characterized by a host of other features: Safe Files, Antiphishing, anti-fraud, Antispam, etc.

Benefits of Bitdefender

If Bitdefender is the best, it’s because it offers a complete security solution. In addition to securing data against viruses, it protects your internet activities thanks to its VPN functionality. It also has:

  • An anti-intrusion firewall
  • Micro protection
  • A digital safe
  • Parental control

It ensures the security of online transactions and blocks trackers. Bitdefender is therefore one of the most complete antiviruses on the market.

Why choose a paid antivirus rather than free?

Most free security software does not offer complete protection. Rather, they give you basic defense that is far from sufficient. Moreover, these programs fail to identify all the threats that enter your system. They usually have security holes which make them ineffective. The features are very limited and it is rare that you can take advantage of a firewall.

This exposes you to theft of personal information related to your bank accounts or other important items. The latter is still essential if you want to browse anonymously or avoid being hacked. Also, with a free antivirus, expect to receive frequent advertisements. Users don’t benefit from customer support either.

Why is it important to have an antivirus on your computer?

The number one reason you must have an antivirus is to protect private data. Whether it’s on your smartphone or computer, you probably have a lot of files that you don’t want to see disclosed. This is the case, for example, for text documents such as taxes, pay slips or your photos. Access to your email, phone number or bank accounts can hurt you financially.

It is therefore essential to have a program that protects you as much as possible. In addition, viruses no longer just infiltrate the computer system. These harmful programs can also integrate your smartphone or tablet. Your data stored at this level is then threatened. Having an antivirus that protects all devices is essential.

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