Furbo Dog Camera: What should you know about this high-tech camera?

In the era of connected objects, today there are many accessories that allow you to improve your daily life and that of your dog. Among these accessories, we can mention connected cameras, which allow you to observe your pooch from a distance. And among these connected cameras, one model particularly stands out: the Furbo Dog Camera!

Indeed, in addition to allowing you to observe your dog in high definition day and night, the Furbo Dog gives you the opportunity to talk to your pooch and even toss him a treat !

In the following, you will find everything you need to know about this connected camera that was offered to us by Furbo, its advantages and limitations, as well as all the good reasons to get it.

What can be done with a connected dog camera?

As the name suggests, a Furbo connected dog camera is a camera that offers you the possibility to observe your dog in real time from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Basically, it allows you to keep an eye on your pooch whether you’re in another room of the house, at work, or even on the other side of the world (just as long as you have internet access).

What exactly is a Furbo Dog camera?

A Furbo Dog is a special connected dog camera which, in addition to the functionalities of conventional connected cameras, is equipped with new functions such as night vision, the two-way audio system, and above all, the candy launcher.

A camera that allows you to observe your dog in real time, day or night

Thanks to its wide-angle camera and automatic night vision, the Furbo Dog transmits real-time images of your doggie to your tablet or smartphone. This allows you to see how your dog is behaving in your absence. You even have the possibility of immortalizing the moments you want in the form of a photo or video.

A camera that allows you to communicate with your dog

Thanks to its integrated microphone and speaker, Furbo Dog smart camera lets you talk to your dog and even hear him bark. The device will also send you a notification on your phone each time your hairball barks. This will allow you to connect and talk to your dog to reassure him, or to dissuade him from doing something stupid.

A camera that lets you throw treats at your pooch

Finally, the feature that makes the Furbo Dog completely different from other connected cameras is without a doubt the candy launcher. Indeed, from your smartphone, you have the possibility of throwing a treat to your dog to reward him or to have a little fun with him (or both;)).

Technical characteristics of the Furbo brand model

Full HD night vision camera

The Furbo Dog is equipped with a Full HD 1080p camera with infrared LED auto night vision, 160 ° wide angle lens (diagonal) and 4X zoom.

Microphone + speaker

The Furbo Dog camera with a smartphone

The Furbo Dog Camera also incorporates a speaker, microphone and bark sensor, providing a powerful two-way audio system.

Treat Launcher

This connected camera carries a launcher capable of projecting a treat at about 1 m. It is recommended to use treats 1 cm in diameter. Also note that the capacity of the Furbo Dog is 100 treats of this size.


Like any connected object, the Furbo Dog Camera needs to interact with other equipment and to connect to the internet. To ensure these functions, it is equipped with a 2Ghz Wi-Fi chip (802.11 b / g / n) and a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chip.


Equipped with a USB port, the Furbo Dog Camera is powered only via an AC adapter (110-220V / 5V, 2A) connected to a 2m USB cable (included in the box).

The application

The Furbo Dog can be configured and operated only via your smartphone or tablet, thanks to the official Furbo Dog application to be installed beforehand. This app is compatible with iOS 8 and Android 4.3 or higher operating systems.

How easy is it to install and configure a connected camera like the Furbo Dog?

First connection to the Furbo app
First connection to the Furbo app

Installation and the configuration of the Furbo Dog connected camera is very fast, simple and intuitive. All you have to do is turn on the camera, download the app to your smartphone or tablet, then simply follow the instructions on your phone. After about 3 minutes, your Furbo Dog will be operational and you will finally be able to see what your pooch is doing when your back is turned.

In the end, does it help to get closer to your dog during an absence?

In view of all its advanced, original and above all practical features, we can unanimously conclude that the Furbo Dog is unmistakably the smart camera that keeps you closest to your dog, no matter how far away you are.

However, it has some limitations, especially with the fact that it can only be used inside and near an electrical outlet. But this is very negligible in view of all the possibilities it offers you. Therefore, we strongly recommend it to all masters who are used to being away and do not want to get away from their furball!

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