Furnishing a new apartment: What to remember?

When you take possession of a new home such as an apartment, you start from a blank page. This chance allows you to arrange this new apartment as you see fit. The goal: to be able to immediately feel at home by arranging this property in a clever way. Because a well-appointed apartment is a guarantee of serenity.

5 rules for buying your first furniture!

  1. Decide how long you want to keep your furniture
  2. Measure before you buy
  3. Take his time
  4. Start with the basics
  5. Budget and stick to it

Knowing how to decorate and furnish your new apartment

The first step when entering a new apartment is already to establish a list of priorities in order to save time thanks to a preparation with little onions. By starting by decorating your new home, you personalize your new home to your liking and you will feel more comfortable there.

Example: personalizing each living space with modern wallpapers will add a touch of fantasy. These wallpapers are relatively trendy and offer a wide choice of models to dress the walls of your home. In addition, the quality of manufacture of these will facilitate the installation and will literally transform your new apartment.

Once the decoration is done, then comes the moment to arrange each room by dispersing furniture and cardboard boxes. Putting each piece of furniture in the right place will allow you to check whether they fit well into it (dimensions, style, etc.). The boxes can then be unpacked and you can then start filling the furniture with the right items. This method will save you precious time so as not to scatter yourself and to arrange your apartment fairly quickly.

Then comes the time to make small adjustments to check if the layout is functional and if everything is in the right place compared to your habits. Because each apartment has its specificities that must be taken care not to overlook.

Accessories to perfect your decoration

It doesn’t seem like it, but the small details such as lighting, curtain rods, curtains, rugs… count a lot in the personalization and highlighting of an apartment. They don’t look like much, but these decorative accessories put together will give your apartment even more personality.

You will be able to underline the identity of each room and even offer a theme by place if you want. For example, a chandelier will be able to totally change the face of a living room or a kitchen by its aestheticism. It is thanks to all these common sense rules that you will be able to feel like a fish in the water in your new apartment.

12 decorative ideas to steal from an architect!

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