Garden swing for a relaxation corner – guide & reviews

As a decorative object and relaxing furniture that must offer a minimum of comfort, a garden swing should not be chosen at random. The task can be complicated with the diversity of makes and models flooding the market.

In any case, keep in mind that to find the ideal swing, besides the brand, you will have to look at other important criteria like the type of material and the model, and follow some recommendations that we are happy to present to you here. .

What are the best brands of garden swing sets?

You will find a multitude of brands of garden swings on the market. However, 3 particularly stand out from the crowd and we highly recommend them: Tectake, Outsunny and Hesperide.

Tectake, the art of the garden

Tectake is a German company very popular in Europe, which offers a wide variety of comfort accessories, designed with first choice materials to beautify your home and improve your well-being. For your garden, Tectake offers swings with different capacity (2 and 3 people), but the most popular model is the 1-seater swing for children and adults, also called a hanging chair.

The Tectake hanging chair is made from high quality woven resin and its design is surprisingly original. It is a versatile accessory that can also find its place on a balcony or on a terrace to offer reading enthusiasts all the comfort of a swing thanks to the cozy cushions, and the feeling of lightness of a hammock.

The thermo-lacquered steel structure of the swing ensures resistance and robustness, and is masked by the poly rattan finishes which give a chic and elegant appearance to the whole. It should be noted that this swing is strong enough to support a mass of 160 kg.

Outsunny, the frenchy side

A subsidiary of the French group Aosom, Outsunny is a manufacturer of outdoor furniture that transforms your backyard, your garden, or your terrace into a wonderful cocooning space, thanks to the varied range of furniture it designs. With its vintage 3-seater swing, Outsunny allows you to have a good moment of relaxation during sunny summer days.

The Outsunny swing has a classic but attractive design, simple but elegant shapes that are emphasized by the beige and black finishes of the structure. It is a rather classy and spacious model that will not go unnoticed in your garden. Designed for 3 people, it moves easily and is 2 m in length, 1.2 m in width and 1.64 m in height.

With the 6 cm thick seat and back cushions, the swing guarantees good comfort. The frame is made of epoxy metal coated with an anticorrosive coating which ensures its durability. It is resistant to bad weather and a load of up to 340 kg.

SoBuy, French design

SoBuy is one of the brands that designs and markets its outdoor furniture itself, thanks to its own online sales platform. The brand has gained in esteem and notoriety after consumers with its reliable, recommendable, and appreciated quality products. With its swing model with a very particular design, SoBuy puts all the weapons on its side to guarantee complete satisfaction to its customers.

The luxurious and sober design of these 1-seater swings is presented as a small, ultra-comfortable and refined suspended hammock seat that captures all the attention. The finishes are remarkably done and tinted in gray, and the swing promises enough space and comfort for a couple who wants to enjoy a memorable moment while lying in the garden.

The structure is made of epoxy treated steel, strong and robust enough to support a considerable mass. It includes a mosquito net to keep its occupants safe from malicious insects that could spoil their pleasant moment of relaxation.

What are the different swing models?

Apart from the classic 3-seater models and the evolved 2-seater and single-seater models, swings have further diversified into other aspects that go beyond the simple objective of swinging. Today, there are indeed convertible and non-convertible swing models.

The convertible model assumes you can unfold the swing and turn it into a garden bed for a comfortable nap, read a book, or relax while lying down. This convertibility therefore allows you to create several styles of swings from which you will have to choose according to your needs.

What are the different materials to choose from?

In the field of garden swings, most designers most often use wood or steel to form the structure; others use resin or PVC. But in any case, you will notice that each of these materials has different priorities which make it suitable or not for the climate of your region or the desired use of the swing.

You must therefore choose a swing whose material of the structure corresponds to your needs, and whose material of the cushions provides good comfort, because we must not forget that it is furniture for relaxation outdoors. For example, opt for a swing with well-filled cushions, but not too soft so as not to sweat too much in the heat.

How to choose the right swing?

Once again, the fact that the swing is a decorative piece of furniture which, moreover, must offer comfort for relaxation, does not make its choice at all obvious. So in addition to paying attention to the material of the structure and the material of the cushions (which guarantee durability and functionality), to choose the right swing for your garden, you must also take into account the aesthetic aspect that goes through the design. of it.

The design of your swing should be naturally pretty, but above all, it should be in keeping with the theme of your garden decor so as not to stain and instead emphasize all the beauty of your garden. Here, know that an elegant design is noticed at the level of detail, finishes and shapes.

The best swing based on reviews

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