Gel polish, Nail decoration ideas for 2019

It would seem that everything that one can think of in manicure has already been invented and is successfully implemented. On the nails of fashionable women you can see both shadows and “broken glass”, as well as exquisite patterns, generously sprinkled with rhinestones and broths. Despite all this diversity, masters of nail art never fail to amaze, delighted every season with new trends. The decoration of the nails of the gel polish in 2019, also contains many interesting ideas.

Current trends

Masters of nail art very much appreciated the aesthetic and quality characteristics of gel varnish, considering it a standard among varnish coatings. The benefits of gel polish (modeling gel and nail polish) include:

  • Retains shine for a long time
  • Resistant to abrasion from nail edges, scratches and chips
  • It has a rich palette of coating shades with a high degree of density

The 2019 gel nail polish design photos prove that the current trends in nail art have many characteristics. First of all, the manicure technique is complicated. Masters use different colors of gel polish with exquisite patterns, designs and decor in one picture.

Second, the principles of decorating nail plates are restraint, thoughtfulness, harmony. The basis for the colors of 2019 will be a deep magnetic glow, an intriguing play of light, metallic surfaces and mirrors, a gradient.

Thirdly, the shape of the nail plates is of great importance. In the natural trend, therefore, the most fashionable nails are oval, close to the natural shape of the nails. Ballerina and almond shaped nails will look organic in 2019. The length of the nails remains the same as in 2018. Pointed and long styli have lost their relevance.

Trendy nail art with gel polish in 2019

Let’s talk about what nail art with gel polish is considered the most fashionable in 2019. In the trend of both monochrome coatings and difficult decor. Women who love classics will be delighted to know that the traditional French will be in high demand. Confirming the status of the basic platform for making the most unexpected design decisions, she becomes the number one manicurist.

On the way to the height of popularity is the moon-shaped manicure. There are many variations of its execution, the most fashionable is to create a unique design with its combination with a French manicure.

Typically decorated nails with a matte finish, metallic gel polishes also remain in fashion. One of the most recent ideas concerns gel varnish coatings imitating precious (diamond, sapphire) and semi-precious (turquoise, marble) stones. Pearl and classic gloss are irrelevant for the coming year.

One of the design favorites is the cat’s eye. The manicure, carried out using a polish with shiny particles of “metal”, creates the effect of deep magnetic radiation, as if it were illuminated from within.

A positive growth dynamic is expected in dotted nail art. The design is simple, it can even be done by beginners, and consists of a scattering of chaotically located points.

The alternative is a manicure with minimalist lines, stripes on the nail plates. Looks very cool nail art in the form of frames.

Patterns can decorate any nails

Even under the domination of the natural and nude trend, masters of nail art create amazing combinations on the nails with the help of:

  • Stickers
  • Sequins
  • Rocks
  • Rhinestones
  • Velvet

There are other types of decor than you can easily buy on the Indigo Nails France store.

In the trend of three-dimensional decor elements, achieved by transparent gel varnish. So, in the spring of 2019, the raised droplets that mimic dew and traces of rain are relevant.

For lovers of minimalism, masters of nail art offer this type of manicure, as a negative space. The principle of the design involves unpainted areas with varnish on the nails.

Range of colors

If we are talking about the current colors, it will vary depending on the time of year. So, in spring, the delicate palette of pastels is sought after, juicy and sunny tones are important for summer, saturated colors in autumn will be replaced by cold winter tones.

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