Get in good condition before a match (what to eat, what exercises to do …)

Sports activity requires the use of a lot of energy. This is the reason why before starting a match, the body must be at 100% of its capacity. The ideal would be to be ready 3 hours before a match. A few hours away from the game, we cannot afford to do just any activity at all times or eat what we want at the moment.

Adequate meal

To succeed in getting into good conditions before the match, it is important to take care of your food hygiene. This should not normally be done just a few days, but should become part of your daily routine in order to get your body used to such a diet. But for the sake of this article, we’ll be focusing more on the final moments before the game.

To be taken the day before

The most important thing in such a situation is to get a peaceful sleep. You must then remove anything that will be difficult to digest such as cucumbers, red meat, sauces as well as alcoholic drinks. But, it is quite possible to take advantage of this to increase the rate of carbohydrates. And before going to bed, it is recommended to take herbal tea or verbena and especially not mint.

To be taken on match day

Your last meal before the game should be taken 3 hours before the game. Above all, avoid taking a heavy meal which will be difficult to digest. It will then be necessary to take a glass of mineral water half an hour before the meal. And take at least two ripe fruits fifteen minutes later. It can be banana or apple or even a fruit salad.

Your meal can then be composed of either salad or peeled tomato accompanied by at most 200 g of rice or potatoes. Take it all with cottage cheese and a little bread. 20 minutes after the meal you can drink at your convenience, always mineral water.

Exercise to do

It is not a few hours before the game that you will prepare. It is actually a muscular awakening. It will be composed of:

  • 7 minute walk.
  • 7 minutes of stretching. You have to start with the back and only take into account the large muscles without forcing. Now is not the time to hurt yourself. You will feel great after this.
  • 7 minutes of jogging; you have to alter small steps and shoulder movements.
  • 15 minutes consisting of muscle games on site. Finish this phase with about fifteen abs.
  • 7 minutes of stretching. This time, you will have to stretch the quadriceps, calves and hamstrings without forgetting the glutes, shoulders, back and arms. You should especially not exceed 10 seconds for a stretch position. Finish the muscular awakening with 3 to 4 accelerations in jogging.

Above all, you must not forget the most important. It would be unprofessional to tire yourself out before the game by trying to wake up your muscles.

To avoid

With a few hours of the game, there are some mistakes you shouldn’t make. It is important not to trivialize breakfast and even less to taste it or even more dangerous to deprive yourself of food for 24 hours. Avoid overeating, thinking you are gaining strength. No food allows to have a performance that would be outside the norm. You should also avoid taking sandwiches, alcohol or acidic products such as vinegar or lemon.

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