Get your driver’s license and quickly find a job

While the other sectors of activity are hit hard by the economic crisis linked to the Coronavirus, that of transport and logistics is resisting. Right now, getting your forklift driver’s license remains the trick to finding a first job or to successfully retraining.

Forklift operator, the job that does not know the crisis?

The health crisis has had a devastating impact on businesses. To continue to perpetuate their activities and to reduce costs, some have been forced to put their employees on short-time work. Others, on the other hand, had to freeze hiring.

Nevertheless, the transport and logistics sector is doing very well. To realize this, just refer to a study carried out by France Logistique (September 2020).

According to this survey, we discover that 45% of companies in the sector were planning to recruit in the next two months. In addition, we learned that 35% of companies lacked staff.

And to accelerate the post-crisis recovery, companies in the sector have received assistance of 1.7 billion euros. This financial windfall has helped support the employability of the entire sector.

Who can work as a forklift driver?

Unlike other trades, the profession does not require a diploma. To apply for the position, all you need to do is obtain a certificate of aptitude for safe driving (CACES), which allows you to pass the license to become a driver. As long as you are of legal age, male or female, anyone can take a CACES training course.

If you are a dynamic person, the type to move a lot and who is not afraid to take up challenges, the profession of forklift operator is sure to please you! Each day, the tasks to be carried out are different, which avoids falling into the routine.

If you have a Pro Logistics Bac or a Logistics Operator CAP, it is a real plus to exercise this profession. As a forklift driver, you will have the opportunity to progress to other trades in the sector.

What are the roles of the driver?

Loading and unloading trucks, supervising the preparation of orders or even storage of goods in industrial shelves (racks), the driver must accomplish several missions every day.

Depending on the organization and the needs of the company, the driver also takes care of receiving orders, filling out packing slips and managing stocks.

What are the qualities required to be a driver?

Responsive, endowed with a team spirit and able to find his way easily, the forklift operator must be very skillful in driving. Indeed, he must work quickly in order to facilitate the processing of the various orders.

However, he must always respect the safety rules. And precisely, to help them accomplish their tasks, they can rely on their on-board computers. It is therefore judicious that the future candidate has a minimum of computer knowledge.

Finally, this handling machine operator must be able to adapt his behavior to the different types of goods. The goal ? Guarantee safe transport and avoid damaging the products.

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