Getting started in Warhammer 40k model making: what does it take to get started?

A crucial step prior to the formation of an armed faction, the model making of the miniatures is undoubtedly one of the privileged moments of all the players of Warhammer 40,000 anxious to carry out beautiful creations.

To make the operation as fun, enjoyable, and easy as possible, Games Workshop has provided you with a variety of appropriate tools, as well as simplified guides.

Find out the basics of what you need to know below, along with some practical tips, to get started and succeed with your model making in Warhammer 40,000.

What is model making in Warhammer 40k?

Modeling simply means the operation which consists for you to assemble / assemble and paint the various figurines that you have purchased, in order to constitute a faction. It can also extend to the construction of sets to play or display the miniatures.

Model making is therefore a moment of creativity during which you use your talent to build or customize each soldier with Warhammer 40k bitz that you have selected individually.

You can then enjoy collecting and admiring them, or deploying them on the battlefield against your opponents.

Have the right tools and know the steps to follow for successful model making

To make things easier for you, Games Workshop has thought to provide you with a complete model building kit made up of necessary tools, as well as a guide detailing the steps to follow to perform it without difficulty.

The right tools

The model kit developed by Games Workshop essentially includes 2 categories of tools: those intended for assembling miniatures on the one hand and those reserved for painting on the other. The first category includes model pliers for citadel, cutters and plastic glue.

In the second category, you are entitled to a wide selection of citadel paints, undercoats, as well as brushes to paint and color your figurines.

Steps to follow

You will find them in more detail in the guides designed to help you assemble and paint the figurines contained in the boxes bought in store. Of course, the first step is assembly or assembly. Following the specific instructions in the guides, you must use the specialized tools contained in the kits to detach the plastic elements from their cluster and assemble them with the plastic glue.

After assembly, the second step is naturally painting. Always using the indications of the guides and tools provided, you must carefully apply the layers of paint of your choice on your soldiers.

Note that model making is certainly a fun operation, but it can turn out to be quite long and tedious depending on the size of your army, as well as the skill you demonstrate.

Are you encountering difficulties ? The video tutorials will be of great help to you

You bought the necessary equipment and consulted the model building manual provided by the house, but you are still facing difficulties? There is nothing to worry about. You have the possibility to use video tutorials in order to have visual and from A to Z, all the steps to follow. You will find them for all factions of Warhammer 40k on the official website of the game, in a dedicated section.

You can also watch them on many forums devoted to the Hobby as well as in explicit tutorials in French posted on YouTube by enthusiasts of Warhammer 40,000.

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