GoEuro now Omio the train, bus and plane comparator – reviews

GoEuro, the platform for comparing and booking train, bus and plane tickets in Europe has changed its name to become Omio. This change comes with the desire of the Berlin start-up to open up to international markets. But what is this platform worth, which does not lack ambition?

Omio, to prepare your future trips

The ex-GoEuro is not the first platform offering you to compare the price of tickets to prepare a trip by plane, bus or train. However, it is the first one allowing you to compare and book all available means of transport, with just a single click.

The site thus makes it possible to find, with the help of a single search, the most effective, fastest or cheapest solutions for traveling in France, Europe and perhaps soon in Asia, the United States and in South America. These destinations are currently being considered by the platform.

Ticket prices, journey times, possible connections… all the information is gathered in one place. Omio therefore allows you not to be scattered over different services and to book your tickets with confidence to go on vacation.

The new name chosen by the platform also underlines this desire to simplify your searches. If it is short and easy to use, the two “O’s” symbolize the origin and destination of a trip, according to the Berlin start-up.

How do I book a trip on Omio?

The Omio home page is presented as a search engine bar allowing you to select the two “O’s”, that is to say the point of departure and the point of arrival of the trip, as well as the date of departure.

Let’s imagine then that we want to leave Montpellier in France to go to Amsterdam in the Netherlands: we therefore enter the two cities in the search engine for a fictitious departure scheduled for May 15.

By clicking on the “Search” button, the platform sends us to a new page allowing us to view the different routes available, as well as their timetables, price and travel time. An interactive map is also present on the side to represent the journey.

At this stage, we can filter the search to choose between train, bus and plane, but we also find a “Combo” section. This last section allows you to filter the trips by combining the different means of transport to achieve the perfect balance between the cheapest and the fastest rate.

Finally, by selecting what we want, we arrive on a new page allowing to choose the ticket options (class and price), or tickets in the case of a combo. All that remains is to confirm to be able to enter our contact details and access the summary to pay for our order.

When you were told that viewing, comparing and booking tickets on Omio only required a few clicks, you weren’t lied to. And there is no doubt that its ease of use combined with a clear and concise model will cause a sensation with the occasional traveler, up to the seasoned globetrotter.

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