Going to Thailand on a low budget: The keys to a successful trip!

For those who want to travel on a low budget, the choice of destination is important, Thailand is one of the destinations for which you do not need an exceptional budget. Why is this country so affordable, what should you do to stay within your budget? What are the flagship activities to do on a low budget?

Organize yourself to be up to date with these papers and take your tickets in advance

The ideal when planning a trip as such is to have all the necessary and up-to-date documents for such a trip. If necessary, you can redo your passport easily online, this allows you to do it from home quickly. If your passport is expired during your trip, you will be refused on the plane and it will be a waste of money.

Regarding the plane ticket, it is always good to use comparators to find the ideal departure date. A date that will meet your expectations in terms of the day of departure to go to Thailand at the right season and back, but also in terms of the price. By taking the advance and reserving your ticket several months in advance, you will win on the price of it. Another tip, do not reserve your place immediately, it would be an unnecessary additional cost, because you can do it 48 hours before your trip at no additional cost.

What should you do to stay within your budget?

The best thing to do when you leave for Thailand is to do like the locals, the average monthly expenditure budget for a Thai is 160 € in the city, which can be reduced in the countryside. By choosing accommodation by expensive and local food in the streets, you will not exceed a maximum of 10 € per day.

Thailand, a country where it is good to eat in the streets

You will find hundreds of small stalls, offering a variety of meals that will fill you up all day long. You do not risk anything in terms of your health by eating this type of food, you may have a fragile stomach and it must adapt to local food.

Avoid tourist streets for accommodation and transport

By simply stepping away from the more touristy streets, you will see housing prices drop. It is the same for transport, hiring a taxi in the tourist street itself can sometimes cost you double, while if you walk a little bit to get away from this street, you can save a lot of money.

To get around, think of the train

The train is the transport par excellence, to move around Thailand, it is the way to blend in with the crowd, to travel while contemplating breathtaking landscapes. You will live a real experience, will come across street vendors, who will offer you many local dishes. But above all it is the way to save money on transport, the train is much cheaper than other means of locomotion.

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