Gold wedding ring or silver wedding ring: what to choose?

The wedding is announced and while you are in full preparation for the reception, a question is not long in coming: which alliance to choose?

The first choice concerns that of the material. Like “Who is this? Asking this simple question and finding the answer will eliminate a lot of the jewelry from the store. Usually men and women wear similar material, but this is not a requirement.

Here are the criteria that could motivate your choice.

What is the material of your other jewelry?

What is hidden in your box to store jewelry? This is a very important element. Indeed, a wedding ring, even if it is unique in its meaning, cannot be worn alone and must be granted with your adornments.

If you have silver bracelets exclusively and put small silver rings on your other fingers, going for gold is not the best idea. You would then have a contrasting piece of jewelry that makes a poor impression or you would have to stop wearing them.

What is the complexion of your skin?

As a general rule, the darker the skin, the more yellow gold seems to be better tuned. To see this, don’t just focus on the image your ring gives you, but try it out several times in jewelry stores.

Try silver, yellow gold, white gold and each time take a photo of your hand and a little further away, of your arm. So you can see what the material really looks like with your skin tone.

Also think about the clothes you wear often. If you like to be white and mostly have that color in your closet, yellow around your finger may not look pretty.

Do you have allergies ?

Allergies are very common with low quality materials found on costume jewelry such as stainless steel or steel. However, potentially, any metal can cause allergies.

It’s best to find out if this is your case before buying a $ 1000 ring, making a personalized engraving, and slipping it around your husband or wife’s finger.

A good idea may be to buy an inexpensive piece of jewelry in both metals and carry it with you for a week. If you don’t see anything abnormal, then you are not allergic. For the test to be conclusive, be sure of the real material. On the Internet, and especially on sites like Aliexpress, many sellers advertise silver or gold, when in reality it is a low-end product that does not have one.

What is your budget for the alliance?

Gold has always been considered a particularly expensive metal. If the price range is very wide, this is often the case in jewelry stores where this metal is more expensive than silver.

Right from the start, set your wedding ring budget and see what jewelry stores have to offer for that price. Sometimes the sheer financial constraint will force you to choose one metal over another.

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