Good tips to get to music

Anxiety, stress, loneliness, loss of social ties … Despite the effects of the pandemic, music continues to be our breath of fresh air. Proof of this is the digital festival “Tomorrowland Around The World” which for 2 days mingled the biggest names in the music scene on 8 stages we make people forget about confinement. Taking advantage of the latest technologies in 3D design, video production, but also special effects, music has freed itself from borders and restrictions due to the pandemic. Performances accessible to all who restore to music its letters of nobility. More than ever, sound vibrations create powerful emotions, allowing us to free ourselves from stress, to find refuge there. Between boosting the immune system, cognitive functions, source of motivation and pleasure, this natural painkiller is above all our ally for well-being.

How do you make music the link in your life? For this mode of expression to transform you, nothing like learning to play music quite simply. Close-up on tips for getting started in music.

How to choose your musical instrument?

Need to reconnect with the musical spirit? Want to get into music? Need to live a stimulating and emotional experience? Whatever your motivation, keep in mind that there is no age to start. Success is only a question of motivation! Keep this in mind when choosing your musical instrument. Wind instruments, percussions, bowed strings… the range of musical instruments and accessories is impressive. If by any chance you don’t fall in love with one of them, the guitar and the piano are the perfect instruments to start in music. They are even recommended starting points to start before choosing another instrument such as drums, saxophone or even flute for example. Of course, the idea is to make you happy, so too bad if these two benchmark instruments do not appeal to you. Bet on the one that will allow you to learn the musical basics. Then be curious and take music theory lessons. Alone or with the help of a teacher, it’s up to you to follow your desires again.

What tips for learning to play music?

To be on the right path to learning music, there is no secret: you have to practice! To progress, you have to play regularly, a little every day rather than half a day once in a while. Repetition is the key to success, it is the sine qua non for the actions to become natural to you. And above all, if you feel like playing a song that is not for beginners or the idea of ​​forming a group tickles you… do it, your progress and your pleasure will only be increased tenfold. All you have to do is find the perfect location for your rehearsals. In the attic, in the cellar, in a dedicated room, at a friend’s house… also check with music schools, surf the Net, there are plenty of good plans to find rooms with or without equipment. In any case, who says “music” also says “accessories”. Do not forget the protective covers, desks, cables, partitions, microphones and other accessories that will be your best allies to play music without moderation.

Sweet or classic, heady or punk, whatever style of music your heart is swinging for, its benefits remain the same. So, multiply its benefits by pushing the song. You can count on the good plans to perfect your vocalizations.

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