GOOGLE Home Nest Hub – A real home assistant – Reviews & Test

The all-new Google Home Nest Hub is the virtual home assistant designed to simplify your everyday life. Easy to configure and convenient to use, it perfectly combines the functionality of a smart screen with those of the powerful built-in Google Assistant. Below is our video test and review of the Google Home Nest Hub.

GOOGLE Home Nest Hub Review and Test Video

Where to buy your Nest Hub Virtual Assistant?

Learn more about the Google Home Assistant Nest Hub

Google offers you a powerful smart screen that stands out for its complete functionality, easy handling, battery life and neat design. In terms of functionality, you will be amazed at the potential that the Nest Hub has to offer.

Thanks to the integrated Google Assistant, you can, by simple voice command: control your connected home from a single interface, browse your photos, watch videos and listen to music via YouTube or your favorite streaming platforms, consult your personalized schedules, … All on a responsive and ergonomic 7-inch touchscreen.

Simple to set up and user-friendly to use, the Google Home Nest Hub can be set up in minutes via the free Google Home app. Multi-user, the Assistant takes into account up to 6 different profiles. Finally, it is equipped with an Ambient EQ sensor that adapts the color and brightness according to the lighting in the room.

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