Google Image: How do I delete an image?

Deleting confidential (intimate) images on Google image is not easy. It can be a very disconcerting experience, as no one wants to expose their life to the whole world. Fortunately, there are ways to remove unwanted snapshots from Google Image. Read this article to find out how!

What are the steps to delete an image on Google image?

The Google image service offers images (photos) in response to an online search on a given topic. Your personal images may be found there without your consent.

To remove them, you need to submit an image removal request to Google. However, it is best to address this request to the webmaster / owner of the site that posted your photos. To do this, there are several ways to get in touch with the website owner (owns your images).

Go through the field – Contact us

The first step is to look for the link “Contact us” or the email of the owner of the site. By going to Google image, look at the bottom of the page of the site containing your images, this information is often there.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, use the “Whois” function. This is handy for finding contact information for website owners. You just have to go to Google. Then type whois + the web address where the image to be deleted is posted on Google image. You will get the desired contact details

Contact the host directly

If you do not succeed, another procedure is to contact the host of the site concerned. By the way, the whois function holds the information about the hosting companies of all the web pages. So you can use this lead to trace back to the site owner. There are still other ways to identify a webmaster, but they require special knowledge and maneuvers.

Directly delete the image from Google image

If after deletion, the images remain accessible on Google image, then proceed as follows. Go to Google image, then select the image. Then copy the link (URL) of the image in the search bar (at the top). Now go to the Google obsolete content removal page. Copy the image link to the space provided to delete it, and click “Request deletion”. At this point, you may receive two types of messages.

If the notification ” This content no longer exists ” appears, click again on ” Request deletion ” and the deletion will be effective. If, on the other hand, a notification like “ the image to delete was not deleted by the site owner ” appears, please follow the instructions for more information.

You may not be able to delete photos that are highly detrimental to your personality (identity theft, fraud, sexual content). In this case, go to Google support.

Why is it so hard to delete?

As you will have noticed, deleting a photo from Google image is a real conqueror’s journey. The webmasters of the sites from which Google image collects the images it displays have a monopoly on their content.

So, you must necessarily have their approval to permanently delete unwanted clichés. Indeed, Google cannot prevent their page from being displayed. In addition, there are checks that Google does before deleting an image.

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